July 30, 2010

New Look

Blogger recently changed the way their templates work, so I had to pick a new "look" for my blog. I chose one of their standards simply because it seemed like that was all that there was to do. Later on yesterday, I was poking my nose around the settings and found that I could customize the look a bit. I picked this background, though I am not sure I like it. I will leave it for a couple days and see if it grows on me. LOL!

Today is a sticky Friday. The humidity is way up, thanks to some rain we received yesterday. It is hot AND humid and pretty awful. My son, my Dad, and I are going to go to the movies at 12:30 to see "Inception." I have heard a lot of negative reviews of this movie, stories about people walking out of the theater, etc. Some friends saw and they liked it a lot. I think it is one of those personal things -- do you like mind-bending stories and such (like the Matrix?) I like sci-fi fantasy and can actually follow a complex story line. We will see how we actually like it and then I will give my own review here on this blog (as if anyone really will care, LOL!)

Other than the movies, my day is really quiet. I was going to paint, but now think that I should wait until next week. My brother and family are coming in to town on Wednesday-Saturday, so I will have family committment time. My work doesn't start until the following week, but I do have computer training tomorrow and orientation on Tuesday.

I am pretty zonked out, not sure why, but I slept in until 9 a.m. this morning. My boys got me up at 5:00 and I fed them, then returned to the bedroom and closed the door. Whenever I close the door, I tend to sleep soundly. I guess it is a sign that closing my door at night is a good thing? Perhaps I should just make them stay out of the room every night. I know they would get used to it, and it is not like they don't have room to roam, and plenty of comfy places to sleep. In fact, I think they spend the majority of the night in the living room anyway. They start and end with me, but in the middle of the night, they are eating, sleeping, playing, pooping -- you know -- doing cat stuff in the darkened and quiet house. I don't think they would be too put out about it, and it would make my night go better. Hmmm....perhaps after nearly 40 years of living in a cattery, I should consider sleeping without a fur ball on my head, my neck, or at my feet. Hmmm....I will consider it, that is for certain.

Therefore, there is nothing else on the deck today or until the following week when I begin work. Until then, I am my own person. I am free to go and to come and to enjoy all that God has brought into my life. He is so very Good to me, and I blog this nearly every single day. God is so GOOD, and His GOODNESS is seen throughout nature, throughout our lives, and in the minutia of the details. Often we overlook His Goodness because we only want to be set free from whatever burden or trouble or trial or circumstance we are in at the moment. And often, the trial, the circumstance or the burden is of our own making, of our hand. It is a choice we made, a change made in haste or a life altering decision that didn't pan out, didn't deliver promised results, and now we are stuck and we are miserable. Yet, God's Goodness is there, it is right there for all to see. Seeing His Goodness takes a great deal of humility, and a great deal of patience. We have to remove the blinders from our own eyes, and stop looking for rescue, for that white knight to come in and save us from our miserable, and stinky lives. Once we realize that God is Good and that all He has made is Good, then we can begin to see that our lives are Good too. Even in the midst of crisis, they are Good. Even when life really sours you, when it hurts so badly, and when you cannot stand another minute of it -- He is Good to you.

I have turned my pain and sorrow into praise, and in doing so, He has shown me His Goodness. Does that mean that the pain and sorrow go away, that I never feel sad or depressed or angry? No, it doesn't. There are days when I feel sad, and there are days when I feel lonely and depressed. Yet, through it all, I am genuiunely contented with my situation, with my life as it is today. This is simply because of His Goodness, and the fact that I am loved by Him far more than any human being can love me. He loves me, He cares for me, and He showers His blessings upon me.

Dear Sister or Brother,

If you are burdened today and feeling depressed or sorrow, cast all your cares on Him, for as the Word says: "He careth for you." Do not let the circumstances of life, whether they have come of your hand or another, wear you down. Your Father in Heaven is able to lift your life up and set your feet solidly on His ground, and He can lead you into a life that is pleasing to Him. In doing so, He will give you rest, and peace, and joy, and you will find your satisfaction in Him. He is SO GOOD. Let us rejoice today and give Him Praise for His Goodness. God is GOOD.

Update: Later Today

Ok, just got home from seeing "Inception." I first will admit that both my son and I think Christopher Nolan is an excellent director. We have loved his two "Batman" films, so we had high hopes for this one. I loved it, just loved it, and thought it was excellent. I won't say much else because I don't have the words for it. Definitely going to get this one on DVD.

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