July 17, 2010

Plans and Such (I think?)

I have been blogging here for about five years now, and I think I constantly title my posts with the same names! I just cannot remember if I have used a title before -- oh well -- I guess that is the life of the non-creative writer, huh? LOL!

It is a good Saturday morning here in Phoenix, AZ. The skies look cloudy (hooray -- our monsoon has arrived -- finally!) I think this is a fairly typical arrival date, usually beginning right around the 4th of July, and then really ramping up by mid-to late July. Last evening there was a strong prediction of storms, though we only really got a smattering of rain. More chance today and through the weekend, since our dewpoints are up to the mid-50s, and our day time highs are settling right around 108-112. Yuck! But -- when the rains come -- oh joy!

I have been making plans regarding my potential job (at Macys). I am getting really excited and I am starting to think positively about the rewards of working retail. I can hardly believe it is so, I mean, I really didn't want to do retail at all. I have worked in the mall as well as at a private small store before, and my experience was less than satisfactory. Of course, I was young then, and not very reliable (LOL!) It is different now. I have a lot of work experience, have managed my own business, and am focused on doing good work (work that honors the Lord and King). My mindset is also more practical -- I need to work -- and therefore my approach to it is very serious. There is a big difference between being 17 and 47 (oh my yes!)

The funny thing is that this new feeling of positivism is definitely not my own. In fact, I would say that my entire thoughts about working in retail are not my own. I simply didn't want to do it, and I told the Lord as much. I said to friends, "Well, I am sure I could get a job at Target," as if it was a last resort (and, yes that is exactly how I approached it.) Curiously enough, I couldn't get a job there (at the least not yet), and so my last resort turned into a prime target (no pun intended). I applied at every OTHER job, those jobs I thought were worthy of my talents and abilities, and that would provide income in the range I wanted. I turned my nose up at working retail because, well afterall, that is what I did when I needed extra cash for Christmas presents or before I had ANY EXPERIENCE.

My attitude about working in these kinds of jobs was very poor, and I readily admit it. I had to confess my pride to the Lord and tell Him that I was sorry for being a snob, a job snob. I really was willing to work anywhere He opened a door for me, but my attiude was not meshing with my words. I needed a little comeupance to get me to see that right now, I simply cannot afford to be picky. I need a job, that is all. Whether it turns out to be with Target, Wal-mart or some other retailer OR it ends us with a company like Go Daddy; I need a good practical job that will provide for me. That is it, is all, and there is nothing more on that point.

So now that my mind has come around to working retail, I am starting to think of reasons why it might be nice to work in this environment:
  • I am a people-person. Though very private and preferring to be alone, in social settings like a job, I like to chat and smile and help people. I like this type of setting.
  • I like to do alot of different things. I worked data entry once and it about killed me to sit and enter sheets and sheets of form data. Ugh!
  • I like to get up and move around versus sitting in front of a computer screen (been doing that one for 10 years now).
  • I like flexible hours, and I don't mind working evenings and weekends (what else do I do?)
  • I like dressing up, putting on make up and doing my hair. I like to look nice, and when you work at home, unless you are going to a client appointment, it is jeans and tees (which are OK too).
  • I like the perks -- like store discounts -- especially at Christmas. And, I like working holidays, though I don't want to work Christmas. The past six or seven years I have volunteered at the Mall to wrap gifts. I love this aspect of working the Mall -- you can be in the maze, but not navigating it. I like the music and the entire holiday atmosphere.
  • I am a natural salesperson. I am very good at customer service and I like helping people make choices and decisions on things to purchase. I can also close a sale.
  • I like the possibility of management opportunities. In many companies, it is incredibly difficult to move up to management, but in retail, it seems an open field. That could be because it is no fun or difficult or just downright icky, but I am open to trying to move up in this industry.
  • Lastly, there seems to be a lot of potential for relocation. I like to travel, do not mind driving around and going from place to place. This seems to fit my natural desires, so I think it is a really good fit for me.

As I make some plans now with this new door in mind, this is what I think may end up coming to pass:

  • I definitely will interview for a part-time sales associate position. I need full-time work, and it seems like there are few of these positions available right now. I may have to work part-time for a while, and THEN reapply for a full-time sales or management position. There are perks to doing this: getting in the door, getting training and practical experience, navigating the process, learning the ropes, etc. So step one is to get hired either PT or FT.
  • If PT, then work for a time, and move to FT as quickly as possible.
  • Work FT for a time (perhaps a year or so), and then seek supervisory position (greater income potential).
  • Supervise for a time, and then seek more mid-level or corporate type position (in logistics or user analysis or some area where both my education and previous corporate experience can be utilized).
  • Work until I retire, save and invest, and take care of the business of living (finally!)

Well, there is the grand scheme for working and surviving retail. I think I can do it -- no -- I know I can do it. I am not afraid of the demands of retail work. I am seeking this as a stepping stone to some other avenue of employment. The Lord may choose to keep me here in this field or He may simply use it to give me recent work experience and then move me elsewhere. Either way, I will work as unto Him (per the command of Scripture), and be grateful for any and all opportunities to earn needed income. In this, He receives the Glory. I have done none of this on my own, and I will not do anything from this point on without His direct intervention. It is for Him, from beginning to end, from glory to glory, so that He may receive all Praise and Honor and Blessing.

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