July 26, 2010

The Plans - Done, I Think

It's July 26th, and I think I am finally set on our plans for this coming year. My son will turn 17 in September, and he would normally be in 12th grade (11th actually, but he was skipped a year back in 4-5th grade). Last year, we completed House of Education's Y11 curriculum (Modern World History). The only year we have not completed was Y10, which we skipped because we had already covered some of it before, and then my son wanted to focus on WWI-II more than the Civil War.

I made the decision to graduate him early this past Spring. With our lives being so wonky, and the future uncertain, it seemed like the logical thing to do. For all intents and purposes, he has finished the required credits for graduation in Arizona. Moreover, he has finished the curriculum we set out to complete, so really what was left for him to do? Part of my plan was for him to enroll in the Junior College this fall. Those plans came to a crashing halt when we weren't able to get him an official picture id card in time for registration. Everything seemed to just fall apart at that point, and then for the past couple months, we have wavered back and forth over what to do.

Recently, though, we found out we could get him an ID card if he had a bank card. This required setting aside a little money, but we have done that now. It is possible now for him to register for classes, though I think we will wait and start in the Spring instead of Fall. Additionally, DS has decided to pursue an AAS Degree in Audio Technologies which will prepare him for a career job as well as allow him to continue to study music for his BA program.

So today, we finalized these plans. This fall he will study for the ACT/SAT test, and will complete an Advanced Communications course to help prepare him for college classes. He will study Math to boost his score, but generally he will continue to look for part-time work, study music, and prepare for classes in the Spring.

The AAS degree will take him 5 semesters to complete, and will put him on track to enter a University or College for his Bachelor's in Music in 2013. This works well for me, as I will be finished with my MA and starting my PhD at the same time.

I am pleased to finally have a plan of attack. I was worried about my son's future, and wanted to make sure he had every single opportunity to go on to college. Our JC is very inexpensive, and this program is a featured one. He should be able to go there either with my help or with some financial aid. This will leave the final two years of college open to scholarship or school loans. Very doable, IMHO.

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