July 27, 2010

Redecorating Plans

I thought it was high time to move on to another topic of interest: home decorating. It seems like my blog has been one long rag session for over a year now. I am so excited about the changes the Lord has brought into my life, and the plans He has in mind for me, that I cannot say enough good about Him: HE IS SO GOOD TO ME! PTL!!

As I wait out the job situation, I have decided to put myself to good use. I finally feel good enough to do this, so today, I cleaned my carpets. I am so excited -- they actually look good! Now mind you, my carpets are old and very dingy gray colored. When we moved into our home in 1999, the previous owner had put in beige carpet. It was probably the cheapest carpet he could get installed (he did alot of things on the cheap), and it has never worn well. I have been waiting to replace it for years, and now it looks really, really bad. Add in a child growing up; five cats (now three) who all peed, pooped, and barfed on it; and the oodles of spilled Pepsi and dropped food, and you can imagine how that beige turned into dirty brown in a hurry. Plus the fact that we live in the desert, and our backyard is still mostly dirt. Dirt is everywhere, dust is impossible to remove, and my home is never clean. AGH!

Well, I have had the carpet scrubber for about three weeks, but just haven't been into cleaning the carpets. Today, I felt like doing them, and voila! They are done. Some of the dirtiest spots turned lighter dirt colored, and overall the result is well-pleasing. I am glad it is done as today was already hot and humid, and the wet carpets made the house humid too.

My next task is to paint. I think I will paint the entire inside a nice neutral tan with white trim. Boring, I know, but it will look so much better than our dirty white walls. I have a mish-mash of furnishings, mostly hand me downs, but nothing I absolutely love. I went to the library today to check out some decorating books, and didn't really see anything that thrilled me. I guess my style is eclectic/country/old-fashioned comfort, if that makes sense. I tend to go country because it is comfortable, but I am probably more farm house country than traditional or primitive country. I just like old things, antiques, and pillows and flowers. My house now is clapboard sided on the outside, but in the desert, it looks kind of funny. I have some plans for redoing the outside as well, but those will have to wait until winter/spring.

Right now, I am thinking of tan walls with white trim. I will probably replace my carpet with satillo tile (something earthly colored). I love wood, but think the upkeep is a lot more work than tile. My living/dining room are combined and opened to my kitchen. It is a galley style, and very tiny. I have cream colored cupboards with blue laminate counters. Pretty icky looking. I am think of repainting the upper cupboards white, and then painting the bottoms a dark brown colored (espresso perhaps). I saw this in a magazine and it was really pretty. I would then replace my counters with new laminate (in a dark granite looking type), and get a new sink (stainless). I will add new hardware, which will change the look completely. Eventually, I need a new refrigerator, so that and the stove will go stainless look at some point. I don't have a dishwasher, and my microwave sits on the counter now. It has about had it, so it will be the first thing to go. If I can take a class at Home Depot, I will put tile behind my sink. I can do this, I know it, and it would look so nice.

My windows need replacing and I think I will do these one at a time. For now, I will just take down the mini blinds which are in deplorable shape due to too many faces in the window (aka, cats). I will put up nice drapes, which I can make myself. My sofa and chair are in good shape, so they are OK for now. My TV stand is old and out of date, so I will get a new stand (and a new TV) at some point. My dining table is really just a kitchen table with six chairs. It was natural finish, and then about 10 years ago I painted it green. I think I will paint it white, but paint the chairs the dark espresso color to match my lower cabinets. Maybe, not sure on that one. I might just paint it white and leave it at that.
The rest of my house is OK, but could stand some fresh color and small changes. My bedroom is pretty shabby looking, but I recently got a nice hand me down quilt that is blue and I love it. I think I will paint my furniture white and find a used headboard somewhere. I already made a valance for the window (and bought tiers at Walmart). Just minor touches -- paint mostly -- and a few accessories and this room will look nice again.

The last time I decorated was back when my son was born. He was just a baby, and I painted and stenciled my entire house. I made curtains, sofa covers, and repurposed junk into nice things for my living room. Then we left San Jose, and moved to the desert, and my life just fell apart. My shabby chic things didn't go well with the desert landscaping, and I missed my flowers and garden. I tried to make these things work here, but they seemed to just look shabby, and not so very chic anymore.

I think after that point, I just lost interest, and spent the rest of the past 13 years living with this conglomeration of mismatched things, no particular style, etc. I have tried to define my style, and I love to watch HGTV at night. I always like the "in" furniture, and love how it looks so neat and clean. Then I look at my stuff and think, "Yuck." My style is not current, never will be, and I think it is the last real truth I need to accept. I am a farm girl who likes antiques, lace and linens, and old things. I love everything old. I like new too, and I appreciate fine design, but I am not fancy or frilly. I am plain Jane, and I am quite comfortable with myself. I am quilts and calicos and florals and stripes and checks. I like painted furniture, hand rubbed surfaces of pine, and natural colors (sky, sea, sand, and garden). I love cats and dogs, and lots of fresh fragrances. I am not stuffy, and I like to stick my feet on the furniture. I prefer to plop down with a good book, watch an old movie, or listen to my IPod. I am not all about pretense or making things look good. I am old-fashioned, and like my Grandma's things. Sweet smelling things, cookies and breads baking, and lots of fresh color. That's my style, and there is no sense in trying to change it after some 47 years on this old sod. I am what I am (so says Pop-Eye).

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