July 23, 2010


I have been rejected by Target. Ugh! I am sorry for having such a pitiful attitude, but this is really getting me down. I am struggling to keep things all afloat, trusting the Lord for a job, and applying like crazy to any job that remotely would work for me. I have hit most of the big box stores in my area, and here is the kicker: they are hiring, but they aren't interested in me. My skills are very good, my education is fine, and I have oodles of work experience. I am just not the right kind of person they want right now. I know, they can be picky, especially in a employers market. There are so many good people out of work these days that the trees are ripe with experienced and well-suited employees. My deal is that I really need to work (as if the other's don't), and I am running out of time to get things situated. What in the world is going on with my life?

This rejection thing is tough. I mean, I have been personally rejected before, many times before. And, I have been rejected in business too (client's not interested in your services, going with another firm, etc.) Those rejections sting too, but this is different. I am being rejected by a computer and a HR person who has never even seen me, never met me, never even spoken to me. They rejected me on paper and through a computer profile. Ouch!

How do you handle rejection? I try to just let it go, and tell myself it was for the best. It is getting pretty hard to do that these days, because my best seems to be "get a job." I can't do anything about it, so there is no point in lamenting it or beating myself up about it; but, at some point, you do have to take stock and ask yourself why this is happening. Is it all the economy? Or is it that I am not coming off well enough on paper? Perhaps it is a bit of both.

Oh well, I guess Target and me, we will never know each other more intimately than on a shopper to store basis.

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