July 14, 2010

Rethinking How

I've had a great day today (so far!), and am very excited about what the Lord seems to be doing in my life right now. I cannot really explain it well, but it is as if the fog has lifted and I am seeing my life, my practical life (aka, needs, etc.) in clear focus. I am no longer bogged down in "this way" or "that way." Instead, I am considering all open doors, and I am willing to pursue any lead.

Today, I rushed out the door to meet my friend for coffee and bagels. It is humid and icky out, but coffee was good, and I woke up quickly (thanks to Einsteins). Then, I went to chamber and had an absolutely delightful experience. My teacher invited two new students, a violinist (a lovely 12th grade girl) and her 9th grade brother (14? perhaps), who plays guitar. The combination fleshed out our little group, and we had so much fun!

I returned home, and applied to some more jobs (ok, enough already!) I am an expert at job apps now (LOL!) I applied to Frys Food Stores (owned by Kroger), and Kohls, Inc. Fry's is opening a new store near us, and that would do in a pinch. I don't know what they pay, but I rank them there with Target and Wal-Mart -- good work, and probably easier to get in than some of the other jobs I have applied for, but not gotten any response yet.

Kohls is unique, in that I applied for corporate jobs rather than local store openings (none really in Phoenix). These jobs (three) are located in Menomomee Falls, WI. I am not sure why WI even appeals to me -- I have only ever been to Lake Geneva, and that was to go skiing, and I was 15. The jobs, especially one, are well suited to me, and would be perfect for my career goals and educational work. I could see myself doing these jobs long term, and so far, very few of the positions I have applied for have grabbed me that way.

What is the likihood that they will even contact me? About the same as the rest -- I have no idea at all. But, the thought is nice, and I actually think I would like to live in Wisconsin. Go figure that the Lord would OK such an application. He is open to us moving too -- and we have been working on the assumption that Northbrook, IL would be the place. North Chicagoland is expensive, and Milwaukee seems more practical, less expensive for me. It is still cold and snowy, but both DS and I are eager to leave the heat of the desert.

I am in His hands right now, convinced that my best role is to go where He sends me. He is the one who opens the door, and my job is to follow Him through it. If He chooses to send me to WI, then I will go. I am eager to get going, to start this new process of working full-time (for a company rather than myself). God is Good -- and His plans are Good. Perhaps, this is just another example of His Good Plan for my life? I hope so.

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