July 10, 2010

Some Things Never Change

I just got back home from spending the evening over at my parent's home. It is funny to stop and think about how much time I spend at their home. Over the course of my grown up life, I would say that I have spent somewhere in the range of 2-5 hours per week visiting, eating or hanging out with them. That is a lot, really when you consider the fact that they are very busy, and I am very busy. I enjoy spending time with my Mom and Dad, and I am glad that the Lord has chosen to give me this time in life to do so.

My son has benefitted as well. He has a very close relationship with my Dad, often spending time pursuing hobbies with him. He is close with my Mom -- but he enjoys my Dad a lot.

As my parents get older, the time I can spend with them seems to matter more to me. I know that there is an uncertain amount of time available to me, and I want to make sure that I am enjoying these opportunities, and not letting them slide by.

One of the things that is becoming more difficult for me is to watch as my parents come to rely more and more on my son and me. They are still able to care for themselves, but they need help -- more and more each week. I am happy to help out, as is my son; but, the time is coming when I will not be able to be there for them anymore. This thought is difficult for me, because my parents have always been there to support, to encourage, and to provide for me.

Now that I am determined to be responsible, I want to help them out financially. I want to repay some of their charity towards me -- in small ways -- just to show them how much their "being there" meant to me. I want to give back to them some of what they have given to me. It is something I ask the Lord for regularly, and something I am anxious to begin doing (as soon as money permits). I know that money is not what they expect, but in truth, they could use it now, and well, that is what I would like to give back to them.

Dear Lord,

You know how much my parents have provided to me and my son over the years. I ask now that you would enable me to give back to them some of what they have sacrificed to me. I know that you are able to provide this extra to me, and I ask now that you would do so. I want to honor my parents as your Word commands, and I know that this little gesture would mean a lot to my father, especially. In Jesus Name I pray for this as well as other material items that might be a blessing to them. May God be praised forever more -- always forevermore -- for Only HE IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED.

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