August 20, 2010

Coffee and Bagels

It is Friday and I am getting ready to go have coffee and bagels with my good friend, Karen McCall. Karen has come along side of me throughout this entire marriage ordeal. She offered to meet with me weekly, for prayer, for coffee, for just chat -- for whatever I needed. I knew her slightly from church -- just through my Mom and her Bible study group. Karen's son, Billy, was my son's teen discipleship counselor a few years back, so we had a working friendship going. I wasn't quite sure what to make of her offer -- to meet with me weekly -- but something inside of me (and the Lord) said, "Yes, go ahead and do this." Oh, how glad I am that the Lord pushed me into this friendship.

Over the course of ten months, well almost a year now, we have been meeting weekly for coffee. We talk about whatever is going on, but also about specific things happening in my life. She is my sounding board -- giving me advice, listening, crying with me, you know -- girl stuff. Another friend once said that whenever you are righteously suffering (as opposed to suffering on your own account), the Lord will not leave you alone (it is part of His promise to never abandon you). He will bring you people, sometimes just one person or sometimes a group, who will surround you with His love and affection. Moreover, these people will champion His cause, and help to make sure you are moving forward, getting the help you need (counseling or other specific help), and then they will encourage you towards spiritual growth and maturity.

This is my friend, Karen. She has not been a believer for a long time, but she is devoted to Him. Her testimony and faith is amazing, and her gift of healing is awesome. She is a nurse by trade, and she is one of those people who are working in their prime area of service. She is kind, is compassionate, is merciful, and is generous and giving. I cannot thank God enough for her willingness to be my friend.

God knew that I would need more than counseling to get through this difficult life change. He knew that I would need a friend who would love me and stand beside me when it was bleak and looked so hopeless. She has done that (still is), and I give God all praise this morning for His generous provision of love and light and mercy.

God is truly SO GOOD TO ME.

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