August 13, 2010

D-Day is Here

We are about to leave to go to the Oral Surgeons office. Today is the BIG DAY -- wisdom teeth removal. My son is worried because he has never had any kind of surgery. He is concerned about the IV and the nitrous oxide. I told him that he will be just fine -- but you know -- the first time is always the scariest. Anyhoo, I will blog more once we get home and get him settled on the sofa and pumped up with pain meds (what a day for us, eh?)

We're Back!

Well, that was a quick procedure. I recall that my procedure took like an hour, and I was in far worse shape coming home than my son is at present. He was in the office for 30 minutes max, and then came home numbed up. He is not too swollen either, PTL! I have gotten him settled on the sofa, given him some pudding and a pain pill, and he is icing his face while watching the Military Channel. God is so Good to us!

Update on the Job/Plans

I had a good nights sleep, even if I had to be up early to get my son to the Dr.'s office this morning. I am suffering with some personal medical stuff (nothing too serious, just not real comfortable right now). I spent a fair amount of time in prayer last evening, and then this morning, pretty much just focused on the task at hand -- getting my son to and from the Oral Surgeon's office (and me and his grandmother in one piece! LOL!)

I think I have made up my mind about Macy's, but I am still not sure whether I should quit now or continue to take some hours over the next few weeks. I need to login to the system and try and update my availability so that I don't get weird and wacky hours. I am just not sure what to do, so for now, I will let this be.

I have decided to try and restart my web design business. I will go out under a new name, and then see if this is something the Lord has in mind for me. I have to say that I am not confident one way or another, which concerns me. I was so totally confident about Macy's and then Macy's seemed to turn sour all of a sudden. This idea came about yesterday, after I found out that a young girl/boy had SEX in the dressing room in my department -- while I was putting clothing away. I am sorry, but that bit of truth just didn't sit well with me. I was shocked, and I was dismayed, and some time afterward starting to think to myself that this job just isn't worth the money ($8.25). I don't mean to put that amount down, it is just that I am killing myself for this amount, and it is causes a lot of difficulties at home, and with my spiritual mindset. Hmmm...

Lastly, my son seems to have decided that going to the Community college is the good choice. I am pleased, and I think it is the best choice too.

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