August 15, 2010

Feeling Better

I am feeling so much better today. After church, I took a good long nap, and then went to Panda Express and got us all dinner. DS is so hungry, but cannot really open his mouth wide enough or chew anything tough for a few more days. He loves Chinese food, and asked for Panda. After his surgery, I told him that he can have anything he wants to eat :o) for a few days.

I've been thinking more about working for Apple, either in retail or corporate. I don't want to get my hopes up, after all, I have applied now more than 30 times, and the only job to contact me was Macy's. I cannot tell you how badly my feet hurt today. I have worked at Macy's since last Saturday -- so one full week -- and my feet simply cannot handle standing all day long. I don't even know if I can work at the Apple Store either. On the upside, it is a much smaller place, and probably not as busy on any given day -- so I might have more opportunity to sit. Also, I think I can wear any kind of shoe, and I know the dress code is jeans and company shirt. It should be easier on me, but I just don't know.

I know that the kind of work I would like to do would be company or corporate training. I think this is the job that fits me best; but, I cannot get hired into one of these positions because I don't have the right kind of experience. Even though I have done training before, I never was an official company trainer. Moreover, my training experience was some 20-25 years ago. It seems that employers just don't care about experience from twenty years prior to today.

I am confident that the Lord knows what He is doing. I am more convinced today that my getting hired at Macy's was simply part of His grand scheme of things. He had said to me that He had a grand plan for me, but I didn't understand what He was saying. I mean, yes -- I do get it; but, really I didn't see how it all fit together. Frankly, I still don't understand how it fits. I can see the picture coming together; but, ONLY some of it makes sense. This is what I think might be happening:
  • I know that I am to go to Northbrook, IL (North Chicago). This is the one place that the Holy Spirit just keeps directing me towards, and nothing but focusing on that place seems to matter to Him. I have tried to picture staying here in Phoenix, but I cannot. I know this is where I am to go -- the main issue is that this place is far more expensive than where I live now. Housing is twice as expensive, and I would need some way to get there and then have a good job that would enable me to live there. This hasn't come to pass yet, though I have tried applying to jobs in the Chicago area for about 5-6 months.
  • I know that my self-employment has hurt my chances of being hired in other jobs. HR Managers just don't like self-employed people. I think they feel that someone who has worked on their own for so long will not make a good employee. Perhaps they are difficult people or perhaps they are too picky. Or more over, perhaps they are so independent that they don't want anyone to direct them. All of these reasons are valid - though I don't really fit that profile at all. I didn't choose to be self-employed; I just did it so I could stay at home with my son.
  • I know that retail is the easiest job to get at anytime. Retailers tend to hire live bodies, so if you are live, if you can walk and talk, generally speaking they will hire you. I should know -- I work with some people who are "edgey" -- and that is saying it nicely. They are fringe workers who have bad attitudes and not so nice personalities. If they get hired, why cannot I?
  • I also know that I need to get into a company that is large enough to allow me to grow and move within their boundaries. I don't want to change jobs -- so I am willing to get in the door and work until I retire. At my age, that gives me a good 12-13 years of working.
  • I would like to work in education; but those jobs are few and far between today. I would like to work in company education, which is a more open field. I would like to study education, psychology or digital media technology/communications and working for a major computer company would work well. I have applied to the following places, all on the Lord's guiding: education (directly -- college/university systems); corporate education (Follett Corporation -- private educational company); retail education (training, learning analyst, or human resources); and then finally in IT as technical/customer service/marketing digital products. None of these jobs have opened up to me, so I have settled on getting some retail experience to start.

This leaves me thinking this way: Macy's took the bite, and they have been good to hire me right off. I don't care for working this kind of retail, but I am now seen as employable (check 1). Secondly, I am now applying to positions within retail that will offer me opportunity for transfer into corporate retail (check 2). Once I get in the door to corporate retail, then perhaps I can move into corporate training and/or some other higher level of hardware/software support or sales support. It is a start, anyway; and, if it pans out -- should put me into a better position to move into a career.

My prayer today is for the Lord to do what He does best. I need Him to move me into the next job, and I think Macy's was the first step. I know it seems weird to only work for Macy's for one week (probably 2-3 when it is all said and done); but it looks like this is what He is doing. I won't know for sure until I get a call from Apple or another one of the resume/applications still out there on the table. God is Good and I know that His will is coming to pass. This means that if moving to Northbook is part of His expressed will for me -- then it is His business to get me there. He knows what kind of job I need, what the pay needs to be, as well as the timing of such a job. It is totally up to Him, and I am letting this be.

Lord, may your will be done. Amen, so be it, thy will be done. Selah!

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