August 21, 2010

Getting Ready for Work

I have the wonkiest schedule, but at the least it is light (low-key)! LOL! I work today and tomorrow (10:45-7:15) in Petites, and then work T-W next week. I have six days off until the following week when I work W-TH and Saturday. Oh well...God is Good to me. He is given me a good break next week (mid-to the following week), and I wonder why? Could it just be the randomness of the computer schedule at Macy's OR does He have something up His sleeves? Oh, does God have sleeves? VBG! I don't think so (the Word says that the Father is Spirit -- and Jesus is flesh and bone). I still like the saying, though.

Perhaps God has something in mind for me next week and into the end of the month whereby I will need some time off. Perhaps? It is a nice thought, and makes me smile today. I have been working pretty hard, finally figuring out that my Nike tennis shoes work best for my feet. I like my department, and the ladies who are FT are super sweet. I like my manager, Stephen, and he seems genuinely concerned about my worries over the schedule. I like the assistant manager, Sara -- she is super nice too. So all in all, though the work is grueling and low-pay, everyone is super nice, and the overall atmosphere is good. Some of the other associates complain a lot, and perhaps they are just not happy people? Perhaps that is the case. I am happy, and not for my job (though I thank God for it every day); I am happy because Jesus is my Lord and I love Him so much (and He loves me even more). My happiness is an outgrowth of my joy (contentment in the Lord) and His Grace and Peace that underguard my every moment and thought. I am truly happy because Jesus Lives and He Loves Me and has given me His Grace and Mercy. I am blessed.

On to other thoughts before I have to go...I am finally ordering cello strings and a new bow! Praise be to God the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit -- Thank you, Jesus! I am so happy because my strings now routinely pinch my fingers and my bow sounds slushy (awful). I cannot wait to get them, and then have my teacher put them on for me. Hooray, I am so happy!!

Another positive today is that fact that I am all the more convinced that God is working behind the scenes of my life. I cannot tell you how much at ease I am when I think about His plans for me. I am able to let them go, and to trust that they will come to pass in His time. He is so Good to me, and I know the plans He has for me are Good too.

So there you have it...I am ready to go to work, praising God for His Goodness, and thanking Jesus for His Life and the Love He has for me. He is so very Good to me, and I give Him all Praise, all Honor, and all Glory -- forever Amen.

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