August 7, 2010

Good Saturday Morning!

"Praise the LORD; for the LORD is good: sing praises unto his name; for it is pleasant." ~Psalm 135:3

GOD IS SO GOOD TO ME! I am singing praises unto His name today -- for He is so very Good to me. Yesterday, my new manager called me twice, once to ask if I wanted 32 hours of work next week, and then the second time, to ask if I wanted to work today! I said, "Yes," to both, and now will have earned about $100 today (with my orientation pay from Tuesday), and then almost $300 next week for the hours I will work M-F. I am blessed, I am so very blessed.

I was so worried about how things would eventually work out, you know, with working retail hours and getting retail pay. It is tough for me to even think of it because I am used to getting paid in two lump sums (50/50 for my web work). I often waited months for the balance to be paid (dependent on the client), but it was always nice to get that first deposit. This will be weekly work from now on, with me getting a direct deposit every Friday. I am so blessed -- this is exactly what I asked of the Lord not eight or nine months ago. I wanted a regular paycheck whereby I could count on it being deposited into my account each week. That way, I could move the money where it needed to go, pay a bill here or there, for example; and, still have plenty of money coming in. He has answered my prayer and provided a way for this to be. I am so blessed.

Now, I just have to go and do the work, and that scares me. It is not that I cannot do the work, for goodness sake, because I most certainly can. It is just something new, and I am the type of person who doesn't do well in new situations. I like to have everything under control and KNOW what to do. I don't like surprizes very much, and a new work place comes with loads of UNKNOWNS. He tells me not to worry, He says "It will be OK," and I do believe Him. I still fret though, and I wish I didn't do that anymore. He is always RIGHT, and He always knows what is best. He picked this job for me -- out of all the ones I applied for -- and He has manuevered me into this specific position. He has orchestrated my hours, and He has made it possible for me to be well-liked before I even started working there. He has directed my steps, and made my path smooth. In short, the Lord has opened this door, walked me through it, set me down, and given me work to do. Now, I simply must do it. I will, Lord; Oh yes, I will!!

"O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him." ~Psalm 34:8

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