August 6, 2010

I am Working!!

Ok, quick update. UPS finally arrived at 6:30 p.m. The driver said he was 2 hours behind schedule -- a full load today. I don't feel so bad now -- I knew something was up because our deliveries are always made around 3-4 each day. Whew!

So my certifcate arrived, and it was intact. Thank you, Jesus! I am now able to take this to the SSI and get my card updated. This is a good news/bad news scenario. On the one hand, having my certificate means I can just get a new card with my current name. This makes me employed with Macy's -- Hurrah!! On the other hand, it also means that I will have to file for divorce when the time comes that we are no longer living under the same roof. I will still have to do the name change, but it will be done via the courts and until then I just remain as I am. I can deal with this, and I am glad that, at the least, I can satisfy Macy's!

Now speaking of Macys -- as soon as the UPS driver arrived, I received a call from the department manager asking if I was interested in working next week. He had 32 hours available -- almost full time for me -- and needed someone to cover these shifts. I said "yes!" and I am scheduled to work! PTL!! Then about 1/2 hour later, he called again to ask if I wanted to work tomorrow. I said, "Yes," and now I have 8 hours for this week. All together, I will be working a 40 hour week between now and next Saturday. I am already scheduled to work on Friday, so that is an additional 5 hours. My schedule is a bit wonky and I will have to cancel some things next week. One thing for certain, I can make it to our oral surgeon's office on Tuesday and I can also get to SSI. God has orchestrated this for me, and I am giving Him all the Praise.

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