August 30, 2010

I'm Back

I am back from my interview at Rio Salado College. Wow! What an interesting place. First of all, the administrative building is more like a corporate office complex, than what you would normally find on a college campus. The building is very nice, and has all the features of a company complex (fitness center, wellness rooms, media and conferences rooms, etc.) The Employee Services office is a series of 3 conference rooms and a receptionist/lobby area. The interviews are conducted in one of the rooms, and usually have anywhere from 1-4 or more people doing the reviews. It was a bit intimidating, even though their process is pretty simple. They ask you a series of 10 questions, and you answer them. You then get to add some comments as to why you are a good fit, and that is it.

My appointment was a 11:30, but they were running late. I didn't actually go into my interview until 12:00 and then it took about 45 minutes. I think the people were hungry, and they wanted to go to lunch (bad sign?) I was nervous, and I rambled -- another bad sign. I just couldn't read the people, and being a visual person, reading someone is what I do best. I get a feel for what they want to hear or what matters most to them, and this process eliminated that completely. Perhaps that is the design of it -- to keep the playing area level. It would make sense, don't you think? I mean, if you are judged on a even keel, then everyone's chances are exactly the same. I am just so much a people person, and seeing response is vital to help me feel comfortable. If I get no response, then my initial reaction is to assume I am not communicating effectively. Oh drats!

Well, the job is a good one. It is different than I thought, er that's not really the case; just a bit more involved than I thought. It is creating the web content for the online courses. I would just produce the web pages, not design them. That's ok -- I just think I gave them the impression that I do more design than actual production. Oh well...

I do know that they are hiring for three positions, which is a surprise to me. In the beginning I saw three openings, but when I checked recently, there were only two showing online. One said "internal" and one said "external". Does that mean that they have already hired internally? I don't know. The man who conducted the interview said they were hiring 3 people -- perhaps they haven't hired anyone at all yet? Perhaps.

There was a girl in there before me, and I don't know how well she did. I don't like that when you go in for interviews behind someone else. It is a weird feeling to think if you are better than someone else. I didn't appear too confident, and I said some things where I thought I blundered. Rats.

Oh well, here is the rub of it: if I feel desperate, then I appear desperate. I am neither. I do need a job, and the Lord knows this well. If this is the job for me, then it will come to pass. If not, then I have some more interview experience to add to my job hunt. God is good all the time.

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