August 13, 2010

It is Done!

I think I have used this title once before, but oh well, here I go anyway! LOL!

I just got back from checking on my son -- and praise be to God -- he is doing fabulous. He is sitting up, watching "Spongebob" and looks good. He has minimal swelling (so far), and says he feels good. Granted, he has taken 1 hydrocodone (Vicodin), which I think would make anyone feel good. He is a little out of it, but not much (like don't ask him to do math today! LOL!) Overall, he seems just fine. I am praising God and thanking Him for His Goodness towards my son today. My experience with wisdom teeth removal was horrendous (passing out, etc). I didn't want my son to experience anything like this (my nieces and nephews all got violently ill on the pain medication). I am just so grateful for God's mercy on us this day!

Changing gears right now -- I have made some moves towards getting my business restarted. First off, I went to our Secretary of State's office to get the information on filing a DBA with them. It is not required, but most banks want a registered name before they open a business account. It costs $10 to file, so I download and printed out the form. Next, I went to Go Daddy, and purchased some web space. I already have the domain name registered, so now I will setup a new site for my business. Once I file and get my certificate from the state, I will order business cards and "technically" be setup in business. I am not sure how I will deposit money without a business account, but for now, I will just trust the Lord on how things will work out.

My next task is to decide whether or not to continue working at Macy's, even for a few weeks. I got paid today -- a whopping $78 dollars for eleven hours of work. I basically lost over an hours worth of pay in taxes. This week, I will earn about $250 for four full days of work. That works out to be about $62 dollars per day or $7.81 per hour (I am claiming exempt because I will be a full-time student in college). I don't know -- if I work 12 hours only, that is really just $90 per week. Is that worth my time? It would help with groceries, that is for certain; but if I spend some of that money on lunches, well -- am I really coming out ahead? I don't know.

I know that I can work up to 20 hours per week at Macy's right now. I just cannot guarantee my schedule each week. The Lord has told me that I must concentrate on three things: graduate school, music study, and foreign language study. These are my goals, my projects that are set aside for His Glory and His Work. Therefore, nothing I do can interfere with my ability to do these three things. Moreover, I have to finish taking care of my son, getting him ready for college, and then getting him to college (without his license, it is either up to me or my parents to ferry him around). So, let's figure this one out:
  • If I work at home, from home I should say, I have the potential of making upwards of $2-4K per month. This is based on the Lord's provision for work.
  • With working at home, my time is my own. I can schedule around other events, other appointments, and I can take my son myself (not having to rely on my parents is a good thing).
  • I can also earn as much or as little, take time off without asking four weeks in advance (Macy's new policy), and know for certain that my three goals are always first and foremost in my mind.
  • If I remain at Macy's I will earn upwards of $600 per month, though it could be as little as $380 per month, based on schedules and such.
  • My time is not my own -- I am at the liberty of the online scheduling program.
  • I cannot take any time off between now and Christmas, and I will have to work every long shift asked of me (specials, midnight sales, etc.)
  • My goals get shifted to the background because I will have to rearrange them AROUND my Macy's schedule. This means that I will have to make changes to what I can do and cannot do each week. I will never have a consistent schedule with them.
  • Lastly, I will need help from my parents just to make my committments now. Ok, so it seems like a no-brainer, but I want to make sure it is the Lord's will.

Dear Lord,

You brought me this job at Macy's and I am willing to work there through Christmas just so that I can earn extra cash to help us out. However, I am wondering if it is necessary now? I feel really bad about going through their training, being hired, etc., and then quitting on them. I know that they don't owe me anything, and I really do not owe them anything in return -- but I still feel as though I am not being faithful to my promise. I need to remember that they were not 100% honest about my schedule, and that this is not of my doing. Yet, I am wanting to be honorable and have integrity about this job. I ask now for clarification on your will. I will do whatever you say is best, and I will work in whatever job you have in mind for me. My will is to do your will -- therefore -- I ask for your Grace now to know exactly what to do in this situation. Please go ahead of me and prepare my way -- either way -- at Macy's or at home. I ask this now in Jesus' marvelous and majestic name, Amen.

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