August 30, 2010

It's The Big Day

Today is my interview at Rio Salado College in Tempe. I am excited and nervous about it. I am confident about the job, it is not very difficult for me (in my field, and fairly easy for me to do); it is more so just getting passed this first screening. I don't want to goof up, say the wrong thing, or give them the impression (any impression) I am not a good fit for their school. Oh Lord, please prepare my way!

One of the other reasons I am nervous out this job interview is that this is the FIRST serious interview I have had in nine months of applying for work. Granted, I did interview for Macy's, but that was different. I knew going into it that the position was for part-time work, and that it would be evenings and weekends (aka, just extra hours). This job has the potential of setting things right for me, of making a new start and beginning, and of opening up new opportunities for my future. Not only will this job enable me to live on my own, to pay all my bills, and to have some extra left over each month; but, it will also establish me as a single working Mom. In short, this is the job that could end my marriage -- literally.

My DH has been waiting, I believe, to move out until I had full-time work. He made a comment the other day that I "couldn't live on part-time work," as if I didn't already know that one. Uh-huh, gotcha covered on that one! I believe that if I am hired today (or shortly thereafter), he will tell me that he has another place lined up to live, and then he will go. I have been waiting for this day to come, and I have known that it would be very soon. I haven't known the exact timing of it, but I just sensed that it would be very, very soon.

I have prayed for a full-time job for such a long time. I have applied to over 40 good positions, all paying what I need to live on, and I have waited for some response. This is the job I really thought wouldn't even come to pass. You know how that is sometimes -- I applied half-heartedly after submitting a half-dozen resumes on the internet. The Lord prompted me to apply for this job, and I looked over the qualifications and requirements and recall saying to Him: "Gosh, Lord -- this job would be perfect. I can do this, and I have all these qualifications. The pay is even good. What chance is there that this one will come through (with a disgruntled voice under my breath)?" I was pretty fed up with the Community College system at that point. I had applied ten times prior, all to positions I thought I could do, but to jobs that were a little bit of a stretch for me. If the job posting stated ten things that were required by candidates, I would have nine of them. I submitted those resumes anyway, thinking that "if only they will look past that No. 10 item," then perhaps I would have a shot, a chance at getting the job. Perhaps this last item was what tripped me up each time I applied; perhaps HR simply was not willing to look past a missing No. 10 on their "must have list." So here I am getting ready to go and interview for this job, the job I didn't think would come to pass because of the college system's way with hiring. And yet, a door has opened,a door that I thought it was bolted shut.

Yes, I believe that the Lord knew this job would get me past the front door. This job had five items on the must have list, and I had all five of them (and ten more to boot). I am clearly over-qualified; but in this day of unemployment skyrocketing higher and higher -- you are blessed to be considered for ANY JOB. And, that is right where I am today. I actually would like to do this work, and that makes me all the more nervous. I will feel really bad if I don't get hired -- not just because the full-time position is what I need, and not just because it will set me rightly on my own two feet -- but rather, this job fits me well. It would accomodate my graduate studies, and cello lessons, and would allow my son to go on to the JC for free (a triple-mileage bonus in my book). There simply are too many good things about this job for me NOT to feel bad about losing it. Oh may it never be!

Dear Lord,

I confess to you that when I submitted this resume, I wasn't too fired up over this job. I actually do recall telling you that I thought I would like to do this work. I just didn't think the CC would consider me because their track record has been to hire almost exclusively from inside. I am asking you now to forgive me for my attitude about this job (not believing you), and then I ask that you would establish my feet, set me up, and prepare a place for me to work in this field. This, I believe, is your will; therefore, I ask in Jesus' Name for your will to be done this day. Amen, so be it, thy will be done. Selah (pause and calmly think about that)!

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