August 16, 2010

Know Thyself

Today was a better day for me, at least it was from a work at Macy's standpoint. My regular department is Petites, and it is a small area in the store. It is well-designed, well-lit, and very well kept. It is easy to put clothes away, to help customers find different sizes, and generally to keep orderly. The two full time ladies that work there are so sweet, and I am enjoying working with them. My feet still hurt something awful, but today was Ok (I wore my Nike shoes with my dress slacks!)

As I worked my shift, I asked the Lord what His will was for me regarding my application to Apple Computer. I felt so confident yesterday at church, and I felt like this WAS His will for me. Today, my greatest concern is whether I am jumping from one retail ship to another -- only to end up finding similar territory. I am ready to work full-time, and I want a certain kind of job -- no, I really NEED a certain kind of job. My body is not made for retail, and it is so hard on my feet and back. My needs are to work in a job where I can sit when I need to do so, but not be so tied to a chair that I cannot get up and walk around. Perhaps a 50/50 setup, that would be perfect.

The Lord and I discussed what kind of job would suit me well, and this is my list (well, His and mine):
  • A job that will take me to Northbrook
  • A job that will provide enough income to allow me to live there (well covered)
  • A job that places me in leadership or at a manager/director level (for training in His work)
  • A job that is low-key, low-stress, and generally a pleasant environment
  • A job where I can sit part of the time or work from home part time
  • A job working with education (training) as well as in technology (because I love it)
  • A job that will offer growth potential for me as I work towards retirement age

Finding a job that will do all of these things is a big task, so big that the task can only be accomplished by God. I need Him to do this for me -- I cannot. The Lord is the One who can bring me good work, good and proper work. I am trusting in Him and I am waiting for His provision.

Is Apple Computer (retail) the right fit for me? I don't really know. I worked for Apple once before and it was really low-key, low stress. My guess is that it will accomodate a far portion of my list above -- that is IF I can get past the recruiters scrutiny about my age. I hope this is the case, I hope that I can get hired into some position that will allow me to move up and into a position of His choosing. May God open that door today -- this is my cry of help!

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