August 19, 2010

Leaving IT into His Hands

Ok, I just resubmitted my resume to Apple Computer. I have rewritten my resume and cover letter so many times that the content just all runs together. I forget key components, and often feel that I am being untruthful -- my resume looks too GOOD -- and think that no recruiter or HR Manager will actually believe what I say I have done. UGH!

This is the last time I am submitting my resume, I think (and I hope). Honestly, what more can I do? I have applied to every company I can think of that might be interested in my skills. No one has even responded (except for Macy's, and I believe they will hire anyone "breathing") positively. I have received some polite rejection letters, but no one has really even bothered to pursue me as a candidate for a job at all. I am not overly bothered by this because I know my Lord, and I know that He has this all in His hand. I simply find it annoying; but given the economic climate, I am understanding of the nature of things. Still, my faith is in God alone, and if He cannot find me a job -- well then, who can? A-hem, really Carol? Really? Yes, of course: if God cannot do it -- then no one can. And, my faith is squarely placed upon His Mighty shoulders -- He can do it, that is for certain! PTL! HE IS SO GOOD TO ME.

This time, my resume went in full-blown and exact. I stated everything I have done, which I am told is a "no-no" today. However, I have tried the "pared down" model, and that didn't work either. So, today upon the Lord's insistence, I submitted the "whole kit and kaboodle." I am angling for a management position, and my experience is not directly management. I have ancillary managment experience, in a variety of positions, that when you add them all up, equal enough experience to satisfy the requirements for any retail store. However, the recruiter needs to see it, and that is what I am hoping will happen -- they will look a little more closely, and then see that I am the right person for the job. Oh, please?

Dear Lord,

I am leaving this now into your hands. I can do no more. I have submitted my resume to all the places of your leading, and it is done. I can think of nothing more to do other than to wait for you to move in my stead. Please bring me the job of your choosing, in your time, and for your Glory. In Jesus' Name I ask this today -- Amen.

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