August 2, 2010

More Decorating Ideas

Now that my job situation is settled, I can focus on getting my home ready. My house has been in a shambles for a long time. I regret to even admit it because I am ashamed of the way I have allowed it to languish. I cut myself some slack, simply because I understand that often when you are deeply discouraged in life, you tend to let the less important things go. This is what I did, I just let those areas of my life that were not as important to me, slide. I couldn't handle everything, so I let go of my house, my ideas on decorating it, and my love of keeping my home (the general call to keep a home, per God's word). I just let it all go, and focused solely on my emotional needs. I regret it, that is for sure, especially now when I look around me and see what major repairs are needed. What were once small repairs have now become monster size. These repairs may have cost $10-25 at the time, but now will require several hundred dollars to complete. Now is not a good time to have to spend money on repairs, but it is what it is.

So as I plan for repairs, I am also thinking of renovation. In some ways, it is easier to renovate then to repair. Replace worn out things with newer, better, more modern (in their workings) fixtures and such. Longevity says it is a good idea, and I tend to agree.

My goal is to repair those items that need repair (like the leaking bath faucet which is taking money down the drain with every drop of water). The other items will be replaced, upgraded to a better and more efficient solution. My broken bedroom window, for example, will cost about $250 to replace. I can purchase a new vinyl sided window, with low e-glass for the same price. I will have to pay to have an installer come out, but I am getting a better quality window, less apt to break due to a "kitty headbut" (which is what broke the window in the first place). My kitchen counter is falling apart. It was a cheap handyman special, made by the previous owner for resale of this house. It is coming apart at the corners, and is really shabby looking. My kitchen is tiny, just a small galley style run of about 4 feet. I can get a new piece of pre-cut laminate counter in a lovely coral color for about $80. This piece has nicely finished edges and has the look of granite. With a new counter and a white ceramic sink and faucet, my kitchen will look almost new. Add in freshly painted cupboards (mine are dingy navajo white), a couple new drawer pulls, and presto-chango! I will have a new kitchen for under $400.

Little changes like these will not only spruce up my home, but will give it a new look. Additionally, they will boost resale value when the time comes to sell my home. A small investment along with some of my time (elbow grease and all) will net me back great value in the long run.

These are my plans as of today:
  • Replace the old tired vinyl in the dining/kitchen/laundry room with new Trafficmaster vinyl in Hickory (looks and feels like real wood)
  • Paint everything -- walls and trim (Behr Quiet Moment and Swiss Coffee for the main rooms; Soft beige for the rest of the house)
  • New carpet (eventually) in a sisal color/berber style (durable with my cats)
  • Repurpose old furniture I already own with a fresh coat of paint and a new function (like the old dresser in the office that would make a super neat TV console -- it is long and low and would accomodate a 47-50" flat screen really well. It holds junk right now and is taking up valuable space in the back hallway). Paint all my existing wood furniture (except for the nice pieces) white or a soft shade of blue or green or pinky-red.
  • New light fixtures, some painted old ones with fresh new shades.
  • New window blinds, bamboo probably, along with white cotton drapes
  • Rugs for the dining room, kitchen, and bathrooms.
  • Accessories like new pictures and photos in dressed up frames, spruced up mirrors and lots of candles. Easy and quick things (inexpensive as well) to add personality and fun to each room.
  • Lastly, dressing my existing furniture with white cotton slip covers (durable and perfect for kitty claws). Add in some floral throw pillows, checks and plaids and I am set. Put in some fresh flowers along with some fake ones (for the cats benefit) and really I have a new cottage-look home with very little investment at all.

The big expenses to my home include carpet and windows (eventually all of them) as well as a new roof and siding. I need some landscaping, pavers, lighting, plants, etc. but these will all come later in the fall/spring (when it is not so hot out). Overall, I think I can redo my home on a small budget of about $10K (the majority going to the big items). The small things can be done each month, with money being allocated for those specific expenses. Less eating out, more investment in home and a new home is reborn. I can do this. I can do this. I know I can do this.

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Lisa Hogan said...

Good Luck with you home makeover and ENJOY doing it. I am in the same boat at the moment. I started my own business in 2006 and was so busy with it that my home went to the wayside. I am now focusing on creating it into the home I know it could be. I am so excited to see how it turns out and will have a blast redesigning!