August 16, 2010

More Ideas on Today

I am snacking on a mini pizza -- my early lunch before I start my day at Macy's. I work from 12-4 this week, and then a full day on Saturday. It should be better today as I will be in the Petite's department, and the days are supposed to be slow. I would prefer to be busy, but slow days allow me to rest a bit, and not stress my feet so much. I have decided to wear my Vans today. Not the best dressed, mind you; but, they are supportive and comfortable to wear. I don't care if I get called on for wearing tennis shoes because my feet and back ache, and this is the only way I can make my shift. I would guess they would rather have an employee with Vans on, then no employee at all? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps -- we will see if anyone says anything to me today.

My goal today is to do my shift, that is all. God has provided abundantly for me this week, and I am praising His Name. He has completely healed my son -- I cannot even describe it to you. He had his wisdom teeth removed (impacted) on Friday, and by Saturday, was off all pain medication. He is a tiny bit swollen, but not enough to really tell unless you know him well. He is eating easy to chew foods, and says he feels great. This is simply a miracle of God, IMHO. God ordained the oral surgeon to use, guided his hand, and enabled my son to receive the very best treatment from the staff at his office. I am blessed, so blessed by His Care and His Mercy.

As I think on today, one thing comes to mind; and that is how tremendously God loves me. I am loved with a love that is from Everlasting to Everlasting. Every single need, every single thing has been thought of, planned for, purposed and determined, and now is coming to pass. God has shed His Immeasurable Grace into my life and I am reborn. I am walking in His Spirit, feeling His Presence every moment of the day, and completely released to live in His will for my life. I am loved, and I love Him with every fiber of my being.

Truly, I have never experienced this kind of love, neither humanly or spiritually speaking. I never loved God -- I can say that now with complete and utter conviction. Although I confessed Christ, and I believed I was saved -- the Love of God in my life was simply not there. Oh yes, He loved me -- always; but, I didn't love Him. I loved myself and wanted my own way. I pretended to do His will, I pretended to study His word, and I pretended to walk the Christian life. Inside, nope -- I was dirty, dirty, dirty. The Precious Holy Spirit of God had so much work to do to clean house in my heart and mind; and thanks be to God -- He did it! I am clean, I am clean, Hallelujah -- I am clean!

My mind is now firmly fixed on His thoughts and plans. I don't even consider anything on my own anymore. I don't have one thought that is about me -- unless to ask Him to help me or care for some need I feel uncertain about. I am not striving to accomplish one single thing. I am not trying to be someone I am not. I simply am living to please the One who died to save me; and I am giving all my glory right back to Him. Shine on, Jesus -- Shine your light on me; and I will reflect it right back at you! You deserve all the Praise and Glory -- and I am going to give it you for what you did for me, for what you are doing for me, and for what you will do for me. In your Mighty Name I pray -- Jesus -- Lord of Lords and King of Kings -- Amen! So be it, thy will be done! Selah!

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