August 26, 2010


What can I say? I am sitting here at my computer and my cat, Winston (aka, Poohster) is right next to me. He is actually being passive for a change! LOL! Last night, he attacked my window blind at least four times, and now it has little holes in it so that the light sparkles through it. Sigh! I was up every hour on the hour, either letting the boys in the room or sending them back out. It was a constant battle for me -- in/out, in/out, in/out. If I ignored them, they simply attacked the bedroom door. If I let it be, then they attacked me or the window blind or each other. It was just a wild night, and I am exhausted. Who said raising animals was easier than raising children? Nah!

Today was to be my first day off of six in a row. Before I left work last evening, my manager asked if I could work a shift today to cover for some people who have called in sick or were simply no-shows (who does that? I guess young people do.) Well, two of the older ladies are really sick, and then two of the younger girls just didn't bother to show up. Rats. Our department has already lost about eight people, so that leaves it very stretched thin. I said I would if necessary -- yeah right -- well, I am working today (I guess it was necessary). I got a decent shift, 1-5 p.m., and the extra $40 will be good to have on hand. I am still waiting to purchase my new cello strings and bow, and now I will have a bit more money to cover that expense.

I have no other news on getting a different job or another job (as in a second part-time position). I know that I could pick up extra hours at Macy's, but truthfully, I am not sure my feet/back could take another 20 hours each week. I am getting used to standing all day, so perhaps in a week or two, I might have a change of mind. We will see...

On another path entirely, I spoke with my son about schooling this year. I know, "Kinda late to be making this decision, Carol?" Yes, I know. I have waffled over our home schooling since I began home schooling. This time, though, the decision hasn't been about which curriculum to use; rather it has been about whether or not to continue to home school given my current situation. Some options I have considered included: going back to PS for 12th grade, continuing to home school; and early graduation. I have actually processed all three options, carefully looking them over, and then deciding that two of the three are more hassle right now. This leaves only one option as I can see it and that is to continue to home school one more year -- and -- trust my son to complete his work on his own at home.

I am hoping to switch Macy's schedules from variable (whatever) to steady (days) in the next week. There is an opening in the fitting room which would be 12-4, Th-Sun. This would be OK, and would allow me to pick up hours at another job on M-W. If I could make this switch then at the least I would be home Th-F in the am. Perhaps the second job would offer a late start too, and then I could be home in the morning as well. We will see how that works out.

In the mean time, I have asked my son if he is willing to do another year of school at home. He said yes. I know he wanted to go to college, but there is great advantage to taking a couple more advanced classes before attending college. I have done some more research on University's offering the program he wants to study, and the more advanced math and science -- the better chance you have of getting into them. There are programs that are easier to get into, but if you want the more high-end school, and the prestige that comes with attending there (and the possibility of a good job); well then, you have to make sure you have all the necessary credits.

Therefore, our potential school schedule looks like this:
  • Bible - Explorers Bible Study Quest - Faith in Action. 30 lessons covering Romans and James.

  • English - British Literature using BJUP's textbook and perhaps some novels we have missed over the years.

  • Math - Advanced Mathematics using Saxon. This course is recommended as test prep for the SAT/ACT and we need all the help we can get. Also, it is considered college level mathematics. We will use the DIVE or Saxon teacher cds.

  • Science - Apologia Advanced Physics course with lab set. My son's intended course of study is Audio Engineering, and advanced science and math are pre-requisities at some schools. It is better to do this now, then to wait to take these courses at college. This is a college-level class.

  • Russian - Ok, we are back on the Russian bandwagon, so we will attempt to get through level III this year. Just for fun.

  • Programming - continued study in Objectiv-C so my son can learn how to write apps for the IPhone.

  • Music - same as always. More opportunities for chamber and band practice.

  • Social Studies - US History from BJUP along with the student activities book. We missed the Civil War era so a reading knowledge and some map work will be all we will do before graduation.
Lastly, this will enable my son to graduate with his friends at church. Our church lets the graduates get up and tell about their plans for college and such. I don't want him to be left out. He can also have a party -- something the family was upset about if we chose early graduation. It will be OK, and he will do just fine. I will make the arrangements for him to go through the home school ceremony next year, get him a cap and gown, and order a new diploma. It will be nice, and a good way to end our schooling.

Part of the reason I am choosing this route is simply because it is not fair to short-change him just because his dad chose to move out on his own. All this schooling comes down to me, and my husband hasn't said a word about it. Frankly, I don't think he has ever cared, just so long as our son looked "busy." He never really asked me anything other to critique our schedule or tell me that I wasn't being "hard enough" on him. When I tried to share my concerns or thoughts or plans about curriculum, he pretty much ignored me or would tell me that I was not strict enough, didn't give him enough work or was not making him have a strict schedule. I have home schooled on my own for the past six years. It is a miracle that our son is graduating -- and is so well rounded and well spoken. I am pleased with his progress, and I know he will do just fine in college. I just don't think that he needs to give up graduation ceremonies and parties on account that our life pretty much is in the refuse bin right now.

Oh plans may change, but for now, this is what it is. God is always so Good to me.

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