August 9, 2010

Rethinking "Your Will be Done"

I finished my second day at Macy's and I have to tell you that I am beaten down. Oh my gosh! Retail is tough work, and I have gained a fine appreciation for the folks who do this work long term. First of all, my feet ache. My shoes, even sandals, rub me the wrong way when I have to stand in them for 8 long hours. Secondly, the work itself is hard manual labor. I never stop working from the time I clock in until I clock out. I work the register, the racks, and the dressing room. I am constantly moving, putting things away, picking them up, repricing and reprinting tags, and generally trying to keep the department from looking like a train wreck. Third, I am required to process just about everything through the register -- and it is not just sales and returns -- but credit card payments, orders from the website, as well as gifts and other types of purchases. Lastly, for the amount of work required by the sales associates -- the pay is awful. Yes, it is minimum wage, and yes, it is better than most other countries pay their workers. However, the work is grueling and difficult, and the pay is miserably low. I am grateful for the opportunity to work, and I am thanking the Lord for this position -- but now I am starting to wonder if His will be done, was more of my will be done.

I confessed this all to the Lord earlier today. I prayed for my attitude, and also my willingness to do this work. I need this job, and the Lord graciously provided it to me. Now I wonder though if this was His will or if it was more of a lesson in waiting for His will to be done?

Dear Lord,

You know me so well, and you know my limitations. I am giving you all the Glory for this position, and I am thanking you for providing it to me. I ask for your will to be done in my life -- and I want to know if I brought this to pass with my insistence on getting a job NOW. Did I do this? Did I refuse to wait for you to provide the best job for me? If so, please forgive me. I am relinquishing my desire and my need for control -- I want your best for me, regardless of the job, the location or the type of work. Thank you, Dear Jesus. I ask this in your name! Amen.

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