August 14, 2010

Seriously Confused Today

Oh, how my feet hurt today! I just worked a 10:45-7:15 shift and survived it! Hooray!! It was awesome crazy, and I mean crazy. I worked in Impulse/Denim, which is the upper end part of Macy's (with jeans costing over $150 a pair!) After my lunch, my manager moved me into Petites because they were seriously understaffed. I just got settled in for what I thought would be an easy-peasy 4-hour end of my day, when a disgruntled customer verbally attacked the other sales associate, and then another customer got into a heated argument defending "said associate." I was helping another customer (did I mention it was busy?), but finally asked the first man (who started it all) if he would be kind enough to stop insulting the customers. His response to me: "Shut your mouth" followed by slurs and other put downs. He did this in front of his kids, if you can believe that! Sheesh!

I came home after stopping by the grocery store to pick up some soft foods for DS, and I am bushwacked. I am so disappointed today. Besides the altercation in Petites, I found out that some 8 employees have quit the department this week. My manager was overly concerned about me quitting as well (and I was thinking of doing it), and took the time to try and convince me to stay. I am seriously confused right now because while I am thankful for the work, I am finding the entire store a bit too much for me (personally). There is a ton of backbiting, infighting, and generally disagreeable behavior going on. I don't like these things, I don't like working with people who do these kinds of things, and I just don't like being around this type of behavior.

So what do I do? I don't know. I had decided to start my own business yesterday, but that idea seems to have fallen flat today. I emailed some clients to see if they might be interested in hiring me again, and they said pretty much: "No thanks!" Agh! I guess you can really NEVER GO HOME AGAIN. Now, I am thinking about my future, thinking about what is happening, and how this might all work out right in the end. I am not worried, really not at all. I am a little perturbed over the turn of events, and the outcome at Macy's, but I am not upset over it all. In fact, I really don't care too much one way or another. I would like a better job, one that won't kill my feet and all; but generally this is an OK position. I don't make enough money, but for PT work, it is OK.

I thought perhaps I needed to put out the old "I'm available shingle" again, this time stating up front that I am working at Macy's. Sort of the ol' switcher-roo thing -- I am working, therefore hire me? We will see what, if anything, that brings about on the job front. Until then, I have decided to stick with Macy's for a time. At the least I can say it is not boring every day--I mean between the teens having sex in the dressing room and the jerky man getting all undone over a minor infraction -- well, it is not dull. LOL!

I am going to continue to trust the Lord for His Provision. He knows what I need, and He knows that I am willing to work at Macy's; so perhaps He will just motor on over to me a new job instead. I will work for food, really I will. Praise the Lord for His Mercy never ends!

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