August 20, 2010

Shopping with Mom

Mom and I went shopping today, and I got to try out my new employee Macy's card. I bought a cute pair of stretchy jean/leggings and a long top to go over them. Very She-she if I don't mind saying it myself. I enjoyed the sale, though the store was quite busy. I will be working tomorrow and Sunday, and will get to experience my first real Red Tag sale as a sales associate!

I had a good breakfast meeting with my friend, Karen. We discussed a lot of things, and spent some time trying to figure out how God seems to be moving in my life. Not that we cannot see Him moving; nope, not at all. We were just trying to figure out why certain things seem to be happening now, and why other things seem to be left at a stand-still. No real answers, just lots of supposition. The good news is that we are agreed: God is Faithful and Good to us -- even when we can't always make heads or tails of His goings-on!

I am at home now for a short while, and then have to take my son over to church for a meeting with our lead Pastor. He (my son) asked to meet with him about some personal stuff -- I am sure having to do with our current situation and such -- and I am so pleased that he wants to do this. I love our Pastor (in the Pastoral-Biblical way -- VBG!) and know that he is the best person to speak with my son now. He teaches Communication at the Community College and is very in-tune with young people. He will be a great person to be a sounding board -- and I am praising God that my son thinks so too.

After his meeting at church, then my son is going over to the Boys and Girls Club to help setup a music program. This is something he wants to do, but more than likely will only be able to help out occassionally (the time conflicts with Chamber). I will probably do some shopping (Wal-mart) and then come home until it is time to go back and pick him up.

As I ponder my day, and the coming week, I am more than convinced of the sufficiency of my Lord and Savior. I am totally reliant upon Him, and I just know that His will is being done in my life. I can give testimony to the way I feel; but also, to how I think. My mind has been changed, thoroughly changed to where I only think about what is good for Him and not for me. I know that whenever I focus on what pleases Him, then as a result -- I receive blessing and reward that brings me pleasure too. It is like one of those "2 for 1" sales -- or a buy one and get one free deal. If you please God, then as a side benefit, you get some of His pleasure back. The more you please Him, the more pleased you feel and the more you want to please Him. It is a circle -- what goes around comes around -- and God is praised forever because of it.

I am totally into pleasing God these days. I still think about myself, and I still "am" the main topic of conversation between us -- but my focus is more on making sure I am doing what He wants instead of what I want to do. I wish the focus were on Him and what He wants, and not on me at all; but alas, I am human and until I am in Glory with Him, I think it will be this way. God is Good though and He understands that about us. He is willing to work with us to help us diminish so that He can increase -- that is what Paul says -- and I have experienced it as being true too. I decrease so that Christ may increase. As He abounds, so do I; so the more He increases, the less I need of anything. He is my All in All.

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