August 3, 2010

Some Things Just Go from Bad to Worse

I have hit that parenting nightmare. It is now 11:25 p.m. and my 16 year old, almost 17 year old is not home. He went out with a friend at 2:30 p.m. today, came back around dinner for pop corn (so DH said) and left again saying that he would be back at 10. We have never given him a curfew because he has always been home by 10 or called or let us know what is going on. We have never had any issues with him not letting us know where he is -- ever.

He went with our neighbor's son, someone whom I know and trust. His parents are nice, they live across the street from us. I have never had a lot of concern about him or his trustworthiness, and his Dad and I are on pretty good terms (we used to trick or treat together). So here I sit at the computer and my DH is watching "Glen Beck" and fuming. I am not happy at all, and this doesn't bode well for what is to come in the next few months.

I will be working PT beginning next week. There is a good chance that I will be working FT by September. I need my son to be responsible, and I would never have even imagined that he would do something like this, not now, not with our current situation. To make matters worse, his cell phone landed in the pool last night. He jumped into the pool at the youth swim party, forgetting his phone was in his pocket (this I believe -- just like when his IPOD went through the washer).

As his mother, I am trying very hard not to worry, but we are at that half-way mark, half-way to midnight, and half-way to being really, really worried. I am trusting the Lord for his safety, and I am not overly anxious -- yet. But, as the night goes on, well, I am going to get pretty anxious very soon.

There will be a punishment for this behavior, that is for certain. I am trying to think up what that might be. He has already lost the use of his main computer for not complying to his punishment from June (not playing games due to his increasing addiction to them). I cannot take the computer away, because it has already been taken away. I think we will have to go with grounding, but as a home schooled student, that has little real impact. Hmmm....I need to think this one through, but I can assure you, it will not be pleasant for the young one.


The boy arrived at 11:35, with no explanation except he didn't call. Harumph!

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