August 10, 2010

Some Updates

Just a quick post to make some updates to my status.

SSI Card

My certificate arrived in the mail on Friday. I went to SSI today, and was able to get a new card. They will send it to me in two weeks. The office also emailed my employer to say that I was cleared for work, so now I just need to bring in my new card and I am all set.

Other Stuff

My shower faucet in the bathroom has been leaking for nearly three months. It almost always leaks, and I have changed the washers, piston, and seat at least once per year (seat twice) since we moved into this house. Both sets of bathroom faucets leak like this and I am told it has to do with our very hard water. I hate having to do it -- it is such a pain -- and in the past, my father came over with his tools. He really isn't able to do this kind of work anymore, so I am trying to do it instead. I bought the right tool, and attempted the repair -- but in the end -- had to call Dad over to fix it. I was afraid to hit the tool hard enough, and he gave it a good whack and there you go! Dad's just seem to know how hard to whack something, while daughters don't want to break the thing into pieces! LOL!!

The good news is that my faucet it fixed, and no more water running down the drain (and money spent on our water bill). Thanks be to God who is so Good to me.

School Plans

My son is set on going to the community college. I broached the subject of enrolling him in the Arizona Virtual Academy for AP classes this year, and he said he wanted to start to take cc courses in audio engineering. He can do this, and this has always been our plan. I panicked last week when I started working, and I thought he needed more work to do. God has given me a plan for his schooling, and I just need to stop worrying about it.

I need to take him to the MDV to get an ID card, but now with a bank card, he should be able to do that and not have any issues. We will try and do that next week. Then he can go and take the placement exams and see what he can enroll in for Spring.

Working FT

I prayed over my working this morning. I admit that I am tired, and that working retail is a lot harder on me physically than I thought; but this is the job I have, and this is the job I will do until God says otherwise. Next week, I will work my normal shift which is 12-4, M-TH and 10:45-7:15 on Saturday. This should be OK for me, and will make it easier for me to do school, and also to keep up with cello, etc. HR has said that they will want me to help them with seasonal hiring, and this will bring in an additional 15 hours per week. My guess is that this job will be upstairs (so no standing all day long), and that my hours may be nights and weekends. It will be better for me to do this kind of work, and I think with my PT hours in my regular department, I can do this job. It is just the FT hours in Impulse that is killing me. This is a huge department, and very busy. I like being busy, but it can be overwhelming to you, especially in the beginning. So my goal this week is to just hang in there and make it through to Saturday. I work W-TH, and S and then will start my regular shift next week.

I still need better shoes -- so that is on tap for this week. Comfy ones are what I need, and I saw a pair of Dr. Scholls at Wal-Mart that should work. They are black slip on clogs -- very soft and squishy. I think my feet will be happy in them, and they should look nice with either skirts or slacks.

Wisdom Teeth

We are going to the oral surgeon's office today for a consultation appointment. My son needs to have his wisdom teeth out, and this Dr. was referred to us by our Dentist. We will see what this is going to cost us -- ugh! God is Good though and I know He will provide for me.

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