August 19, 2010

Spam, Spam and More Spam

I got a spammer today -- nothing horrible, just one of those blogger spammers who pass by and post a comment to try and get you to come to a particular website. This one was about the debate between Intelligent Design and Evolution. The point was towards Intelligent Design, but still -- if you spend any time on my blog -- you would quickly grasp that I am a Creationist of the highest order. I said so on my comment:

"When the God of the Universe introduces Himself to you personally, you either survive the encounter or you die. I survived it, and I am loving every day that I spend in His Presence."

Truth, all truth. I met the God of the Universe, and I survived. He broke through my sorrow and pain, and introduced Himself to me in such a way, that I was instantly changed by His Glory. My views, my attitude, and my personality all have become different. I am not the person I was (how can anyone be the same after meeting the Lord of Lords and King of Kings), nor am I a person of my own making. I still sound the same, look the same -- but that is it. I am 100% recreated -- I am reborn.

Really, I cannot help but say this: if you say you are born again, but you are not changed (radically changed), then you are lying. You cannot be born again, and continue in sin. You cannot be born again, and be your own person. You are either wholly His or you are wholly your own. Many people confess Christ and they believe what Paul wrote in Acts 16:31, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you and all your household, and you will be saved." The problem is that if you just look at this one verse, you think "Ok, I believe Jesus is the Christ, so I am saved." Yet, these same people go about their lives and struggle day in and day to do anything remotely like the rest of the Word describes. They do not "keep His commands." The Word tells us that this is what pleases God most, and therefore, we are to keep His commands (in short, obey the Word). These people, sincere people, confess His Name, but they do not obey the Word.

I should say this as well, but you cannot keep His command and obey His Word WITHOUT the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. And, without the Holy Spirit, you cannot do anything that pleases God. Therefore, I say this: Unless you have been born of WATER AND SPIRIT -- you are not born again. You have to have both aspects, both experiences to be truly alive in the Spirit and to walk and live in such a way that pleases God.

Well, anyway -- that spam post got me started this morning -- and now I am off whatever I was going to write. LOL!

Changing gears for a moment...

I have been thinking more about working at Apple and trying to understand what God has in mind for me. I am content to remain at Macy's for as long as the Lord needs me to be there. I am no longer concerned about my schedule either. The Lord knows that I need time off, consistently, for cello and chamber group; therefore, it is up to Him to manage my days. I am letting this be now. As far as Apple Retail is concerned, I am open and agreeable to work any job, any shift, at any store. I believe Apple pays more than Macy's; but of this, I am not sure. I know what my nephew makes in CA -- is that pay rate the same across the US? I do not know, but I do hope it is. I am waiting on Apple to contact me, and I believe that when they do, the job they have to offer will be of the Lord. I am content to wait, I am content to pursue other avenues. I have determined that my path is to get me to Northbrook, IL; and, that this is the ONLY place the Lord has chosen for me and my son. Why? Many reasons, but suffice it to say: the Lord knows best.

Where does that leave me today? Basically in the same spot I was in yesterday; but with far less worry and anxiety. I am content, open, agreeable, and completely movable to His will and His Spirit.

Dear Lord,

Allow your Holy Spirit to move me where He wants me to go this day. I am willing and agreeable to do any job, any work, in any business, and in any place so long as it is fully in agreement with your will and purpose for my life. Release Him to do what He must -- change me, adapt me, teach me and train me for the position you have determined. I am ready to go, I am ready to learn, and I am ready to assume responsibility and management duties. In Jesus' Name I ask this of you this day -- Amen. So be it, so be it, so be it. Selah (pause, and calmly think on that)!

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