August 25, 2010

Thinking Clearly

Ok, well so much for my day off! LOL!! My manager called me to ask if I could work tomorrow to cover some no-shows. I had told him that I would, but only if they really needed me. Well, they did, and I am working from 1-5. Not bad, and I get to sleep in and run errands in the a.m. It is OK, so long as my feet don't hurt tomorrow.

I just got back in from my parents -- dinner with folks -- and am settling down for the night. My son is watching "Bear Grylls" on TDC, and I am out in the office on my blog (yes, you knew that already! Sigh -- it was a long day at Macy's!) I have been thinking about my work schedule, and how things might just work out for me. As you know, I have applied to nearly 40 jobs and nothing has come through for me yet. I recently applied to Apple Computer to work in their retail store. My nephew works in Simi Valley and makes twice what I do at Macy's. I don't know if salaries are consistent with location or what, but even a smidge over minimum wage would be appreciated.

Now, I am trying to figure out how this might work to my advantage. I haven't heard from Apple yet, but am hopeful. I mean, would they hire me or go for that young kid who cannot speak anything other than "text speak?" I hope they would overlook my age, and go with a person who loves Apple, and knows how to use the stuff (and all the apps). Sweet!

My thinking is this -- if they should call, I would take PT hours through the holidays. I would work at Macy's as well, and hopefully could balance the two so that I could do both jobs. Then after the first of the year, I would try and get into the retail store full-time. Perhaps by then I could do something more advanced, something requiring more experience?? I have oodles, and I understand that Apple likes to promote from within. Ok, that is my plan -- so will it come to pass? I am not sure, but I am hopeful.

New topic -- home schooling my son this year. I was about to order some materials online today, when this whole kafluey thing came to pass at Macy's. I am now uncertain as to what we should do. I mean, if we go with PVCC in the Spring, then I really only have to complete 1 semester of classes. If we go for the full year, then I can just plan out his schooling like I normally would do it. Hmmm....which is best? I am thinking to do a full-year and then perhaps my son could attend a more prestigious university (like ASU). We will see, we will see.

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