August 8, 2010

The Week Ahead

No, it is not the voice from "The Weather Channel," just me thinking about tomorrow and what is on tap for next week.

I am working a 4-8 hour shifts at Macy's next week. It should be good to earn some cash, and get more experience and comfortable on the sales floor. I am bound to wear better shoes -- sandals tomorrow for certain, and then plan on getting some "I Love Comfort" or Cobbie Cuddlers next week. Man, it is tough to stand on your feet all day long (no sitting allowed). With some better footwear, I should be in good stead. I know I can do this job well, and now am comfortable with the demands of it. God is so very Good to me.

On another front, I have contemplated enrolling my son in K12 for this next year. I have gone back and forth and then back and forth again, trying to put something in the works for him to do for Y12. The main issue is this -- I will be working nearly full-time, and he cannot enroll at the community college just yet. Plus, I don't have any way to get him to college, and frankly, I cannot deal with another schedule other than my own right now. The Arizona Virtual Academy is a K12 charter school and offers AP classes as well as standard high school courses. They will take my son this year, for 12th, and he would be able to take AP courses and graduate with a public school diploma. It is not really an issue, the diploma, but it would make it possible for him to apply to ASU for freshman year, if he wanted to do that (ASU makes it very hard on home schoolers).

I just don't know if this is the right or best thing to do. It makes sense, and would give my son a lot of work to do. He needs the boundaries of school, and has always done better with a tight framework of do's/don'ts. We've had some issues recently, and well, this would work for us. I don't know if he wants to do this, or if it is the way to go. I am considering it as an option. He would still be home schooled, but not be classified as a home schooler. He would be treated as a public school student who was home educated. It's all semantics, really.

I am going to pray about it some more, and see what the Lord wants us to do. I printed off the paperwork, and have applied online already. We'd have to get approved, but I don't see that as any big deal. Oh well...I think the Lord has grand plans, and I just need to let this be. He likes it that way, when I agree to let things be. This means that I am not going to stand in His way, and that I am agreeing with His will for my life or for my son's life. I am agreeable, always agreeable. Therefore, I am letting this be. God is so Good to me.

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