August 8, 2010

The Will of God is Home

"The will of God is my home. I dwell in it. And although I constantly travel the world to preach the Gospel - I never leave home." ~Reinhard Bonnke

I woke up so sore today. I cannot tell you how much my back aches and how swollen my feet are -- and that I am pretty down and out this morning. But, I thank God for He is so Good to me, and I am praising Him because He has provided a very good job for me. The problem for me is that this new job is such hard work, and I mean hard physical work. The Human Resources gal said to me: "Carol, this is hard work. You never sit down." I told her I remembered what it was like, and I did; but that was a long time ago. I was 27 back then, much more fit than I am now, and generally in stronger shape. I am almost 48, and I have spent the past ten years sitting at my computer. I am out of shape, and my backside is definitely not ready to take on this kind of work.

Oh, mighty desperation! This is what happens to you when your world gets rocked and you find yourself 'up a creek without a paddle.' You know, you must improvise, you must 'think on your feet,' you must be available to do whatever comes your way or use whatever opportunity you see at hand. This is the Will of God for me. It is just as Reinhard Bonnke says, "The Will of God is my home."

God's will for my life is for me to be 100% devoted to Him. Not everyone is called to a live a life of complete devotion; but all God's children are called to live devoted to Him. The difference really is as the Apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 7:

"Only, as the Lord has assigned to each one, as God has called each, in this manner let him walk. And so I direct in all the churches. Was any man called when he was already circumcised? He is not to become uncircumcised. Has anyone been called in uncircumcision? He is not to be circumcised. Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but what matters is the keeping of the commandments of God. Each man must remain in that condition in which he was called."

There are many who might take opposing sides with me on this chapter, but I sincerely believe that Paul was telling us that God calls us in a specific state as well as a specific time in our life. It is not that God doesn't want His children to marry; no, on the contrary. God has created marriage to provide the natural desire of the man for the woman and the woman for the man. He has ordained it for the reproduction of children. But, he has also created singlehood for some because it suits His needs and purposes best. I fall into that latter category, and have finally come to terms with this understanding after some 30 years of faith.

You see, I was called as a single person, and I understand now that my "condition" was to remain that way. It is the most natural state for me, the place that I am most comfortable. Yes, I had natural desires towards men, and was a normal teenage girl too. I had crushes on boys in my school, even on a male teacher once. I desired intimacy as well; but, in my heart and in my head, I preferred to remain as I was at that time: single. This is a difficult thing to write because in most Christian churches, young ladies are told to marry. They are groomed to be wives and mothers, which is a high and wonderful calling. They are not very often told to remain as they are, and it seems only when a woman cannot find a husband that the church pulls out this set of verses. They treat it like the consolation prize, when singleness is highly praised by God and Paul, by extension.

I won't go into detail here because it is not necessary, but I know my condition and I know my state of being. I am content to spend the rest of my life as God intended it to be. This means that my life can be wholly devoted to Him. I have no distractions:

"I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully." ~1 Timothy 5:14 KJV

I am not concerned with pleasing a husband nor have I children to care for at this point in life (my son is almost grown). I am free to please only One person, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, I can say with Reinhard Bonnke: "The will of God is my home." Wherever the Lord is, I am there. Wherever I go, He goes with me. Wherever I work, He works through me. Wherever I minister, He is ministering as well. We are a team, devoted to one another, and living out the call and His will for my life. I am content, I am happy, I am satisfied. God's will is done in my life, and I am home.

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