September 3, 2010

Chamber Went Well

I am back from chamber group, and I think I did OK. This is a big step for me, and I am still a bit anxious about playing with a group of students. I held my own, sight read pretty well; but still struggled with timing. I am either too fast or too slow -- drats! My cello teacher is putting my new strings on this weekend, and I hope to get my new bow next week sometime. All in all, I did OK, considering I haven't practiced much over the past four weeks. I will ramp up my practice now that I am back into school/cello/lessons, etc. God is so Good to me.

As far as other things, I am excited to be interviewing with Apple. I don't know what job they are looking at me for because I have applied for the low-end positions (Specialist/Expert) all the way up to Store Manager. They may not make that leap; but I certainly feel qualified to be a manager. I may need some training; but generally speaking, I can lead people well. I will find out more after I meet with them on Tuesday. I know God has this under His control, and that He has a specific job in mind for me. I just need to relax and trust Him. I can do that -- really, I can!

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