September 27, 2010

Change in the Midst of Unchangeableness

Have you ever pondered the amazing fact that our God never changes? Yet, He is the author and creator of change in every facet of our universe. From the stars in the sky to our very hearts, God creates change within us to bring Him Glory. He controls everthing from the elements to the very dust of the earth used to form creation -- God is Creator, and He is able to change whatever He desires INTO whatever He needs or plans.

I marvel at the change that has occurred within my heart and mind. I am such a different person now. I don't even identify myself with the past, though I can see it in my memory, but it is distant and faded now. Memories that once pricked at me, caused me to twinge, are still shots, only images from days past. Their power over me is gone, and now I simply can recall moments when I did this or that or went here or there. God has done this for me, and He has made it possible for me to take my past, the good and the bad of it, and simply wash it clean in my mind. I know the wrong I did, but the guilt is gone. I know the good I did, but there is no pride attached to it. Everything is as it should be, surrendered at His feet, and now made to be for His Glory only.

As I think about this today, I am excited to know that God is continually at work inside of us. He is changing us daily, if we allow Him to do so. God is moving us ever closer to His Perfect Ideal -- His Son Jesus. This is His Great Plan for our lives -- to not only save us, but to make us perfect and fit for His Heavenly Glory. What an Awesome God we serve -- Amen?

Transition I eat my chocolate mini donut and drink my coffee this morning. I am getting ready for my day at Macy's. It will be a long day, hard on my feet, so I am resting in Jesus and I am taking comfort to know that He has everything figured out on my behalf. Something really wonderful is happening in my life right now. I cannot put my finger on it exactly, but it APPEARS to be movement by God (hooray!) I have been stuck, as I have blogged now for many months (since at least March 2010). I simply have not been able to move forward, and I have lived with the "status quo" since then. I don't know why, though I readily admit to my failure to trust the Lord and walk in Faith as being a part of it. But, it was more than that, really it was God's timing, and His unwillingness to let me move UNTIL He was ready to do so. He had told me over and over again that I would not move until He had a job for me. Now, I have looked at many jobs, even gone on interviews for some -- but nothing has come of them. He kept saying to me, "I have a job for you, Carol," but apparently it wasn't any of the ones I was testing out. No, He said, "I will move you when I have everything in order, and until then you must just wait." Oh -- waiting is so hard, yet it does so much good for us. Waiting causes us to focus our attention on God and we learn patience in waiting for Him to do His stuff. Patience is a virtue and we need more of it, not just to keep us from doing what we shouldn't, but to help us rest in the security of God's Will -- it is Perfect after all -- and we need to rest and trust that nothing is lacking, nothing is incomplete -- it is everything it needs to be for our life and God's Glory.

So here I sit today, and something has changed. God told me it would be so -- He said, "change is taking place." I didn't recognize it at first, but I do see glimmerings of it. I see change now around me, in people I thought were hopelessly lost, and in people who were not supportive of me. I have seen some repentance from people who honestly were so lost in their own destructive behavior that I thought for sure they would never acknowledge what they were doing was wrong. I have also seen support from my family, support in the form of encouragement and the willingness to accept that I might move away from them. I cannot even begin to tell you what this means, and how BIG of a mind shift it is for these people. I have actually had someone close to me say, "You know, Carol -- when you graduate you might have to move away to teach?" Yes, I knew that. God knew it as well, but my family was adamantly telling me "don't move away." Now they are encouraging me -- and this is a God thing. God said that when the timing was right, He would send me off with fanfare (with my family's support). I see this happening now. I see this beginning to take place, and it is so encouraging to me.

God knows that what He says will come to pass. We are the ones who doubt His word to us, whether the written Word itself, or the prompting of His Blessed Holy Spirit who speaks to us in ways we cannot understand. We doubt Him, yet He is true to His Word. He always says what is what, yet we choose to believe what the world says first. Drats, why do we do this? Because we are human flesh, flawed and desparately self-seeking -- even blood bought, born again people like myself still do it. It is the Old Man creeping back in to say "Hey, I don't know if I believe that word."

As I finish this post and get ready for my day, this one thing I know for certain. God is orchestrating the change He has in mind for me personally. He is turning all the chess board pieces around so they face up properly, and the game is set. He is making everything ready to begin the plans He has for me, to move me into a career position of teaching in higher education. Furthermore, He is opening up doors to allow me to further my graduate study so that I can do this job. He has it all planned and purposed, and since it is for His Glory, it is done (in process and yet completed -- another marvelous fact of our Lord who spans all time). I sit and marvel at His work, and I fall at His feet to worship Him. I am not just thanking Him for the things He is moving around or for bringing me a good job -- no; I am thanking Him for the change He has made possible within me, to make me think like Him, to want to live my life in imitation of Him, and to want to serve Him by serving others in His Name. He is doing all of this for me, through me, and to accomplish His Purpose and Plan. It is always about Him -- though He takes thought of us -- and I am so thankful that He does.

"What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?" Psalm 8:4

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