September 19, 2010

Graduate School

Well, I have successfully completed my second week of graduate school. I am loving graduate study! I love my classes, "Major Authors: Chaucer," and "Reason and Imagination" (17-18th British Literature). They are challenging, no doubt; but I am getting through the readings and the writing assignments. I have great confidence that I can do well in both courses.

I have looked over my proposed schedule, and I am now wondering if there is anyway for me to take four courses in the Spring and Fall 2011, and graduate early. Apparently, this is possible (according to Mercy's website). If I can do this, then I would cut one whole year off my study time. The bonus of graduating early is that I could pursue teaching positions rather than interim jobs, like I have been doing the past year.

I have had three interviews, the last being what I considered most successful. I don't feel confident about any of them, and I know for certain, that I am no longer being considered for Apple Retail. Moreover, the Rio Salado position was to be filled last week, and I haven't received any call backs, so I doubt that will come to pass. That leaves me with the position at Phoenix College, and while I do believe I gave a good showing, I don't think I am the right person for that job. Therefore, I am stuck with Macy's for now. I don't mind, really. I am getting used to working there, and the pay is nice (even if it only works out to be $7.50 hour net). I cannot sustain a living on it, but for extra income and groceries, it works.

If I were able to go to school full-time (12 units), then I would start looking at jobs that require a Masters degree instead of just a Bachelors. I tried to apply to some with the statement that "I was pursuing a MA;" but I think most HR people want to know you are close to graduation or graduated. My goal is to teach college English, and there are some positions open. Will they be open next year? Probably, so working to get through my study will only benefit me.

How to do that, how to go about not working and only doing school -- well -- that is the $64 million dollar question. I am already receiving financial aid, so taking out another loan scares me. Though I have no debt to speak of (only $700 on my credit card); and, if I did take a personal loan, then I would graduate with the average debt of a college student today. I would have to make payments once I graduate, but with a good job, this should be within feasibility. I do plan on continuing my education once I have my Master's degree. I have decided to go to Regent University (always the plan), but recently shifted my degree focus. I was seeking a degree in Communication (digital media studies), and then looked seriously at Leadership and Education. Now, I am settled on Divinity. I want to study Church History, especially Medieval Church History. This is my bailey-wick, so to speak, right up my alley. I have a deep interest in mind study or the study of the human mind; not from the psychological or scientific, but from the philosophical. I am keenly interested in how we learn, how we process change, speciically how our minds are renewed in the context of Christian thought. My only avenue after this degree is teaching, and since that is what I want to do -- it really is a good fit.

I am stepping out in faith on this one, and will only go where the Lord leads me. If He chooses this path for me, then He will provide the funding to enable me to school full-time the next year, and work full-time (school part-time) thereafter. God knows the timing, the opportunities, and the plans He has for me. I am resting and abiding in Him (the Vine). I have decided I like being a branch, and that it is much easier just to be a branch than to try and do what the Vine only can do (VBG!)

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