September 27, 2010

Mercy College

Well, I am taking those baby steps of faith again! The last time I did this, the Lord had me submit my application to Mercy College. I had no real idea what to expect from the process, just that the Lord gave me the "heave ho" and told me to do it. Tonight, likewise, He asked me to fill out a graduate profile at the University of Texas, Austin. I did it, and will have to wait and see what comes of it. UTA does a lot of outreach and recruitment, and the Lord has given me the heads up that this will be the way I get to go here to finish my PhD. I don't know what that means (like with Mercy, I was really clueless until the Lord brought everything into focus). I just know that I did what He asked of me, and now the rest is up to Him.

One thing I know for sure, this is the program for me. First of all, it is only 24 units beyond the MA degree. Secondly, two of my courses from Mercy will satisfy the core requirements at UTA (so now we are talking 18 units). Furthermore, the courses I will have to take, besides Supervised Teaching and Research Methods, are in a secondary field (Philosophy/Classics). Basically, what this means is that I can take 9 units of ancient philosophy along with 6 units of teaching instruction and research methods and then be ready to write my dissertation. This shortens the process by at least one year, if not more. I am so excited because this would allow me to teach college right away, and would also provide a way for me to get placed into another school or University as a Professor. It is like the "short track" to becoming a professor, and it is right in my field (Rhetoric). I am just in awe of God and in how He is moving things for me.

I want to start running out in faith, but I know that I still have 8 more classes to take at Mercy (24 units) and that I will need a couple more semesters before I can even think about UTA. Until that time, I am content to enjoy my courses at Mercy College.

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