September 6, 2010

Reviewing the Facts of the Case

Good Labor Day Morning! I hope you all are having a nice end of summer celebration today? I have to work, but only from 6:00-9:15 p.m. It should be very low-key, and generally, a quick and easy shift. I noticed my next week's shift will be four days, with two full days sandwiched between two half days. Weirdsville, that is for sure. The new scheduling aspect of Macy's has many employees unhappy, and a fair number have quit already. I am hanging in there, and will quit when I get a full-time job. There is no point in leaving a good job until I have something better. Plus, I want to be able to tell management that I am leaving for a better opportunity, and not because I am disgruntled with the hours and scheduling snafus.

Today is going to be very quiet for me. No celebrations, no BBQs -- just time spent working on my son's school schedule for this year (to start tomorrow). I also have to prepare myself for my own classes, which will begin on Wednesday. Additionally, we are back in full-swing mode with music, and I have to tell you that I am beginning to feel really anxious about getting everything accomplished.

My son has been invited to join the adult choir (Thursday evenings), and play keyboards for the main worship team (Tuesday evenings). He also has piano lessons on Monday (as well as Youth), and chamber group and Boys and Girl's Club on Fridays. I am hoping to have my cello lesson on Friday -- but already have been scheduled for next week (drats!) Our week is going to be really full, and with school (both), it is going to be a heavy semester of work. We can do it, I am sure of that; I just need an extra dose of God's Grace to get through it all and do well. This is my prayer today: "Lord, give me the grace to do this work well. Manage my time, my days, and my weeks so that I can do everything you ask of me, and do it well. Thank you, Jesus -- In your Name, I ask these things -- Amen."

On a related front, it seems obvious now that my son is intent on studying Music Technology. We have looked at all the college campuses in our state, and though several do offer recording degrees, they are not what he wants to study. There are two schools that offer this degree, both are in Chicago (I am sure there are more in other states too -- but we have only looked in this one place because that is where I felt the Lord was leading us to go.) Columbia College of Chicago and Northwestern University. Of these two, Northwestern's degree is IT -- it is the degree of my son's choosing and preference. It is a combination of recording engineer and programmer -- a perfect combination for him. Northwestern is a Big 10 school, and comes with a major price tag. I am sure my son can get some scholarship money -- he is a very good student -- and he plays the piano beautifully. How much? Only the Lord knows -- should He choose for Him to go to this school.

There are some issues with going to Northwestern though, and that is simply that it is a Big 10 school, and they have very high entrance standards. He can do one of two things: this year, he can focus on getting good SAT scores; or he can plan to do an AAS degree and transfer in. Either will work, though it would be better to go in as a freshman and do their entire program since it is tightly integrated within the Bienen School of Music. I would prefer he go as a freshman, and I believe that the Lord wants this as well. Therefore, we are going to work on getting high test scores and finishing up another level of math and science before we officially graduate. He can do it, I am sure of it -- he just needs some time to mature and focus. And, with this year planned full of extra-curricular activities -- all of this SEEMS to be supporting his desire to go to this school.

We downloaded the entrance application (for Music), and they want some additional support materials such as recommendation from Choir or Band directors. Since my son is home schooled, we don't have this right off; but with his new interest in choir at church, I believe this will suffice. Now my son can say that he has one year of choir, one year of worship/band experience, as well as private instruction and chamber/ensemble experience. This is what Northwestern expects to see on a transcript and application and we will have it. God is SO GOOD to me (us).

I am not sure what that means for me, really; other than to suggest that we must be going to Evanston next summer or before he would begin college. I am going for an interview with Apple Computer tomorrow, unsure whether this is for a temporary or full time position. I am also unsure whether this is for a management level position or a sales associate. I have prayed and asked the Lord what to do, and His word to me is simply: take the job. I take this to mean that I am to take whatever job Apple offers to me tomorrow. I pray now that they will offer me a job, any job tomorrow. It would be good to get my two-weeks notice into Macy's as soon as possible, so I am asking the Lord now to provide a job offer to me tomorrow.

Dear Lord,

Apple is your will, of this I am sure. Your word says that we are to ask anything of the Father, and in Jesus Name, and it will be given to us. Therefore, Father, I ask for a job offer from Apple tomorrow. I ask that they would offer a full-time job to me, any job, so that I can get into this company and begin earning a decent living. I also ask that you would confirm to me and to DJ whether or not Northwestern is your choice for his college study. If so, then I ask that you provide the curriculum we need to be able to do well enough on the entrance exams to be admitted to this Big 10 school. I also ask for your management of our time, and our studies so that we can do what is required to pass all exams and auditions and interviews. Thank you, in Jesus Name, I pray this today. Amen. So be it, thy will be done.

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