September 29, 2010

Thanking God for His Provision

I just got back home after a long day out running errands. First, we survived the MVD! We got our ducks in a row this time, and headed to a different MDV office. The wait was about an hour, but we came out bearing an official ID card! After a quick lunch at Burger King, we (me and my son) went over to our local community college. My son needed to take the placement exams so that he could register for Spring 2011 courses. I sat outside for about an hour (being told the tests would take 3 hours) before my son showed up telling me he was done. The testing center was surprized by his scores (as was I). He scored so high that he has been admitted into their Honors Program, and qualifies for their Presidential Scholarship (free tuition).

The entire time I sat in the courtyard praying for him. I guess it is just a Mom thing, but I worried about how well he would do, if he would pass the Math test, etc. Silly me -- he basically is able to take Honors English and College Algebra. He also is exempted from the Critical Reading requirement. I guess that combo is what gets him free tuition.

I had to confess my pride and my unwillingness to trust the Lord today. Truthfully, I had a pitiful night, fretful and mournful. I lost my cool with my son yesterday because he is not doing his home schooling work. He is spending far too much time on the computer, playing the guitar and not doing those things he needs to do. Yes, I know...he is 17! AGH! Needless to say, this entire day was full of worry, of doubt, and of fear -- all of the unknown variety.

God is so Good, though. He knew just how well my son would do, and now I can rest a bit and believe what He has been telling me (that my son would get into a good college and do just fine there). It is a Mom-thing and I need to accept the fact that I tend to worry too much about such things!

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