September 7, 2010

Waiting Upon the Lord

Have you ever waited for someone to show up, and felt that anxious/nervous feeling inside while you are watching the clock, pacing the floor, and simply trying to pass the time? This is EXACTLY how I feel inside right now. Today, is the DAY of my interview with Apple. I cannot explain how I feel or why I am so excited about this interview. I have no idea what job I may be considered for -- or for that matter -- if I am being considered for any job. I just know that at 2:00 p.m. today, I am going to sit before a group of strangers and find out about Apple Retail and whether or not we are a good fit, work-wise, for each other.

I am not afraid today nor am I worried about what might be. I am really just excited to be going on this interview, and I am thinking about the possibility of working for them. I believe that this is God-in-Action in my life right now. I am not thinking about me, short of how nice it would be to have a good paying job; instead, I am just thinking about the POSSIBILITY of what might be through this company. God has opened up my eyes and my mind to think about what COULD be, and that is what I am excited about today.

The job might be for a specialist position, which really is just a sales associate in the store. It is an entry level sales position (I applied for it). It might be for an expert position, which is one step up (I applied for that one as well). It could be for a creative position, which is geared towards someone like me -- a designer, artist, web person, etc. I didn't apply for this position because there were "no openings" at this time. It might be for store manager (I did apply), but without retail managment experience this could be a long-shot. It might be for store leader or any number of other upper level positions that were not available either, but for which I am better suited AND qualified.

The email said "to discuss opportunities" and that might just be a turn of phrase which really means "to discuss the open positions you applied for" or it really might mean "any open position" we have need of a person with your skill and background. It is so hard to say because I updated my profile about four times, changing my resume and cover letter each time. I don't know which version the Store Leader got or if he/she got any copies. Perhaps he/she just got an email from me saying "Hey, I applied -- so call me?" I don't know how their recruiting system works. My hope is that the fourth time was the charm, so to speak; that the fourth letter got his/her attention and he/she said "I need to call this person." Perhaps this is it; perhaps it is just routine screening and I am a "warm candidate" (you know -- alive and breathing and with a modicum of experience and interest in the company! LOL!)

So there you have it. I have no clue as to what I am going to face today; none whatsoever. I do have God on my side, and I do have His word to me. I know that there is a good job out there for me, and I know that there is a job that will pay what I need to make each month. He has promised me as much, and this might be His answer to me. It might just be another interview to test my fortitude, and my perserverance -- it might also be another level of experience to help me be conditioned to speaking in front of upper level managers and such. I just don't know.

God is so GOOD to me, and He knows my needs well. He is familiar with my situation, and He knows how much I want this very thing. He knows that above all, my heart is set on doing His will, and on working unto Him so that He will receive all the Glory. Perhaps this is the company and the job that will do both. Perhaps this is God's provision to my very need this day.

Dear Lord,

I cannot explain why I feel this way, why I am so excited to go on this interview. I can only think it is because of the potential that lays within this company. I have firsthand knowledge and experience working for them, and I know people who do work there now. I know the POTENTIAL and that this job is the first to really LOOK GOOD to me. I am excited because I believe this is a job custom made to suit me, and it is a job of your own choosing (not mine). I am clueless today, but in that lack of knowledge, there is incredible sweetness. You know best, and I cannot help but feel that this is your best for me. May your way be had within today, and I may walk worthy unto your Name and for your Glory. Deliver me this day; Provide a good job for me to do; and Let your will be done in my life. All for you, O Lord -- it is all for you. I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen. So be it, thy will be done. Selah!

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