September 13, 2010

Y12 or Bust

Well, here we are in our second week of home schooling, and I am changing gears. Actually, I am just rethinking some of what we are doing, adding in some other items, and fleshing out our plans for this year. I have been in a state of flux for a while now, trying to decide how I can home school for Y12, and work full-time (and go to graduate school). Now, that graduate school is in swing, I can see how it will work in my schedule, and I also can envision my PT work schedule at Macys. This is all very doable, so long as I continue to be in control of our schooling (in the sense of the 'do diligence' part -- doing it, seeing that it is being done).

I placed my order to yesterday. I have needed some additional curriculum for a while, and I finally just did it -- ordered the materials. These books will round out our program, and I will be able to finalize our schedule.


We are going to begin Saxon Advanced Math as soon as the DIVE CDs arrive. I picked up the textbook (almost new) at Half Price Books. I ordered the Solutions Manual and CDs yesterday. This course will prep us for the SAT math test as well as prepare us for college level mathematics.


I also ordered Apologia's Advanced Physics curriculum. My son has decided to pursue Audio Engineering, and physics plays a large role in his understanding of how sound travels. This course should be excellent for him.


We already started A Beka's British Literature textbook, and I like it a lot. I have added some novels to the mix: Stevenson's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde;" "Dr. Zhivago" (ode to DJ's intense love of all things Russian); "To Kill a Mockingbird;" etc. More to follow for semester 2.


We are using "The American Pagaent" textbook (a great find for $1 at our local hs resource store) to review US History. In addition, we are reading several bios and other non-fiction books that deal with the US Civil War and Slavery.


Language study continues as now my son wants to visit Russia some day.


Same story -- continue on as always.


For Bible, I will have my son do Oswald Chamber's devotional book -- "My Utmost for His Highest" on a daily basis. That and whatever reading he normally does, should be just fine.

Lastly, I have decided to pursue community college for my son. I will take him next week to get his ID card and then we will go and take the placement tests. I am not going to worry about how well he does or if he passes, etc. I am simply stepping out in faith and letting God lead us in this endeavor. It is for His Glory -- therefore, it will be as His will dictates.

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