October 8, 2010

Another Job Posting

I am rested now, after three horrible job interviews (well, horrible in my estimation), and I have finally decided to start looking again. When you go through the interview process and it is not a good fit or you just feel like you are in the "wrong place at the wrong time," you tend to lose your confidence. Well, today I applied for a job at the District Office (Maricopa Community College) as a web marketing coordinator. It is a good job, one year only, but I could do it. Right after I applied, I received a phone call from the Director at Phoenix College regarding the job I interviewed for back in September. I thought for sure I had blown that interview. Oh well...and yesterday at Macy's, I was asked if I was still interested in working in HR for the Christmas season. It seems God is working behind the scenes -- if anything -- to give me confidence to know that He has a good job for me. I was getting to feel like things weren't going to work out and that I was going to be without any work at all (Macy's has cut my hours to 13-14 per week!)

Weird, huh? It seems like something is moving, someONE is moving to bring me a job.

Now my question is this: which job will I get? The Phoenix College position is only through June. The Web position is only through June too. Macy's is just until the end of the year. I believed and still do believe that I am to relocate to Texas to prepare for my PhD program (get my residency in order, etc.) So now I am wondering if this is correct? Yes, says the Lord. But not in January? No, says the Lord. I guess I am to remain here through June? Yes, says the Lord. That is OK, really -- DJ wants to start college classes, and I am settled here. Moving during the summer is a better option for me, anyhow. Plus, these jobs are through June, and perhaps that sets me up for a position that would start in August (when school begins?) Yes, says the Lord. Ok, so what is up, Lord?

Just this (well, me saying all of this so there you go)> I know the path I am to walk on, and that path is leading me through graduation at Mercy College (MA) in 2012. I have found the PhD program that fits me (Rhetoric at UT Austin), and I know that I would need to begin that in Fall 2012. Until that time, I have to focus on the following: graduating from Mercy. I cannot begin further study until I have my Masters completed. This requires 2 more semesters and a thesis. I can do this in one year (2011) or I can do all my course work next year, followed by one semester writing my thesis. It doesn't really matter, but I cannot begin my PhD until fall (that is how most PhD programs work). So rushing to finish my MA isn't really that big of a deal -- the time frame is the same, so it is best to just take it as it comes at me.

Therefore, what do I do until Fall 2012? I work on my Mercy classes, and I do whatever kind of work I can do, either here in Phoenix or there in Austin. I just do the work assigned to me, that is all. God is so Good to me, and He holds my hand through all these changes. He leads me through the unknown forest, and into the sweetness of the fields of Paradise. I hold on to Him, and I walk with Him, and together we go through whatever we must -- He will never leave me nor let go of me. I just hold on, and together we walk through this life and right into the next. He is SO GOOD to me.

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