October 9, 2010

Can This Really Be?

I guess I am in shock right now. I mean, I am overjoyed with the chance for a good job at Phoenix College. I have applied, waited, interviewed, and I am now waiting again for a second interview. I am hopeful, but wondering if this is the Lord's will (of course, YES!) The funny thing (as in curious) is that I was all set to move to Texas (in my mind, that is), and I was getting used to the idea of living there, and finishing my graduate degree at UT. Then this job comes along...never thinking in a million years I would be considered for it...and here it is a very real opportunity for me. I am having to rethink all these plans and I am sitting here asking the Lord for clarification.

I think the hardest part about trusting the Lord is this part -- it is the part where you think you have it all figured out, and then He changes things up, ups the ante, and makes you spin around and head another way. It is not like He does this on purpose, mind you; but rather, it is as Reinhard Bonnke says:

"'God's eye is on the sparrow', and He feeds them, but He doesn't throw food into their nests. The birds still have to get going to find what the Lord has provided. It's faith, prayer and action."

This is true, and I have come to accept it as fact. God doesn't give us hand outs -- He provides the Hand (His) and then shows us where to go to find whatever it is we need. We have to follow His lead, to trust His Guidance, and in doing so, we will receive the blessing He has in mind for us. What happens most often is that people pray for His Hand, and then sit and wait for the blessing to arrive on their doorstep. Instead of stepping out in faith, and looking to where God is leading, they simply sit down in the dirt and wait for Him to show up. The problem with this attitude is that God is always HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE. He doesn't have to show up, because He already IS where He needs to be (and where you need Him to be).

I have found that the best laid plans are those that rely on the Lord's Provision, but are bathed in the understanding that God has the perogative to change His mind, to alter our course, to adjust the plan as He sees fit. He moves us, shapes us, and molds us and in doing so often asks us to be pliable, adaptatble, and movable. We need to be flexible to do what He wants when He wants us to do it. Often we are so fixed and immovable that we simply miss the opportunity to do His will, to experience His blessing, and to reap His reward. We simply are too dull, too unwilling to cooperate, and too nearsighted to see anything beyond the end of our noses.

God is a God of all possibility, and often He uses what is right in front of us to bless us. Our willingness to cooperate with His Spirit will yeild us big results so long as we are truly willing to do what He asks of us. In my case, God has clearly told me that He expects me to "go where He sends me, to do the work He assigns me to do, and to live where ever He deems it fit and acceptable." My job -- to do the above. God's Job -- to take care of everything else. I must go, I must live, and I must do what He asks of me. That is all I am required to do as part of my covenantal relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. He is my guide, He is my shepherd, He is my provider and my security. I am His servant, and it is good. He is God, I am not -- and I am OK with that nugget of information.

May God be Praised today and forever more. He is so Good to me.

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