October 14, 2010

Dealing with Pain

I must have turned funny (awkwardly -- not ha ha funny) at work last night because I have a pain in my hip joint whenever I try and walk. I was going down the escalator, a bit too anxiously, and remember skipping off the bottom. I landed and felt that twinge of pain, right here (pointing to the inner most part of the hip joint). Ouch! I felt it tightening up last evening, but it wasn't until the middle of the night that I really felt the ache. Now I am getting pain whenever I step down (yuck!) It is a good thing that I don't work today or tomorrow. I have to work a full shift (10:30-7:00) on Saturday, so two days of low-key activity will be good for me.

I don't like pain, but I live with it constantly. I have chronic neck and back pain, and I never have a day without a headache or stiffness. It is difficult for me to live with, but I do it because I don't have any other choice. Many years ago, I did regular chiropractice care and it helped with the pain management. Since then, though, the cost of visiting the chiropractor has just been out of reach, so I have had to deal with the pain on my own (relaxation technique, rest, Advil, warm soaks, and moderate exercise). It is manageable, but I think now I am at the point where I need to start visiting the Dr. again. My neck is to the point where I really cannot turn it well at all, and the tension has built to the point in my shoulders where I am getting headaches that simply will not go away.

I am hopeful that this new job will provide good benefits for me. I would like to have a package that includes some Chiropractic treatment, at a reduced rate (like a co-pay). I know that the state of our health care is horrible right now, so I will be happy if I can just make enough money to pay the cost out of pocket. I am ready, I need some care, and I want to go soon.

On a related front, I also need to take my cat to the vet. It is neuter time for Ike, and I need to schedule this appointment soon. I also need to take Winston for a checkup. His ear is bothering him, though I cannot see what it might be, he is just always digging at it. It clearly is an issue (no smells or gunk -- so I don't know what it is really), and the Vet needs to check him out.

Lastly, in addition to all of this, I have the issue of my bills mounting up. I have been paying more and more of the utilities each month. My DH has covered the mortgage until this month, and we are late on making that payment (expected tomorrow). I don't like to pay anything late, so this bothers me greatly. I have already paid a portion of Verizon and APS (electrical service), and in months prior, I paid the City and SW Gas. I have also paid for our Cox service (Internet/TV). Now, though, the amount owed is getting much too high and we are only paying a portion every month, not paying it off completely, so the costs remain manageable.

All this in mind, I know that the Lord has a good plan for me. He has promised me a good job -- it is forthcoming. If the Lord wills this job at Phoenix College, so be it. If not, then He will provide some other opportunity for me. It is all a matter of His will and I am trusting in the fact that His will is perfect, it is complete, and it lacks nothing. It is done. Truthfully -- it is done.

Thank you, Jesus, for your marvelous will. Thank you that I can rest and trust in your Security and I can know for certain that everything is in your Hand. There is nothing for me to worry about, nothing for me to fear. Your Love, which is Perfect, casts out all fear, and I can rest completely in your finished Work. You are God alone, and I love you, and I praise you this morning. I will look up and wait for your deliverance. You have promised Good to me and I have received Goodness from You because You are Good. May your Name be praised today and forevermore. God is so Good to me.

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