October 8, 2010

Job Hunting and More

I guess I am a fruit loop or something (perhaps a cheerio!), but I just figured out what the salary range is for the job I am being considered as a candidate. I think part of the dust in my brain is due to the fact that:
  • I have just come up through a very tough period in my life and my brain has been on overload
  • I have applied for over 40 positions, everything from retail sales to Director/Management level
  • I have written and re-written my resume so many times that I cannot even remember what my skills are or my previous job experience (LOL!)
  • I have been a ping-pong ball, bouncing back and forth until I am bleary-eyed

After the call today to clarify references, I started to think more about the position at Phoenix College. It is short term, one year only, and that is sort of a bummer for me. However, keeping in mind that the Lord is talking to me about moving, it is OK. I am trying to keep an open mind, to be flexible, you know.

Tonight, I logged into the college HR system to check on a couple other job posts, and I figured out how to get into my application. First off, when I went to the interview, I logged in and the system showed 3 applications only -- not the 11 that I had applied for -- and this one was not listed at all. I couldn't access it or even see the description for the job. Perhaps that was the Lord's doing -- so that I went into the interview blind -- and I had to simply rely on myself and my skill or just be downright honest (which in the end, that was all I could do). Today, however, all my job apps were there again, and this time, I could access the old postings to see the requirements, salary and other terms. So I did that just now, and I was blown away. I don't recall that this job paid that much money. In fact, I assumed it was just like all the other positions, grade 09, which is right about where I have been for a number of years. This position is a 15 -- well above my pay grade -- and I didn't even get that when I applied. I told you my brain has been fried -- well -- there you go! I applied for, and am now being considered for a well-paying job. Yes, it is short-term, but perhaps there would be other jobs at the college once I got in the door.

Lord, what are you doing? I just don't get it, and while I am so excited that you are moving this way, I am confused, and a bit befuddled. I think you like it when I am this way because: 1) I rely on you 100%; and 2) I cannot take any glory at all -- it is all for you, because of you, through you, and to your Name. I do think you do this on purpose, don't you? (I see the Lord smiling and shaking His head at me. He is SO VERY GOOD TO ME.)

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