October 28, 2010

Lunch with a Friend

I had lunch with my friend, Karen, today. She took me to Chompies, always a favorite, and we had such a good time. I really appreciate her generousity, and her willingness to stand beside me. She and I have met over coffee faithfully for nearly one year. In that time, she has been my sounding board, my cheerleader, and my prayer partner. I love her, and I thank the Lord for her kindness towards me.

At the end of our lunch, I shared with her my decision to find a new home for myself and my son. She told me of a friend who has a rental home, and that it might be available. I cannot believe how God orchestrates everything in my life. My hope and prayer is that this home is available to us. More than likely, if available, perhaps we could move in with just rent (no down or deposit)? This would be such a blessing to me, since I will not have a lot of money right now. I am praying that the Lord will open up this door of opportunity to me, provide this home, and make it possible to move in with the least amount possible (not taking advantage of these people -- that goes without saying).

On a related prayer note, I am committed to this job at Phoenix College. I believe this is "my job" and that I will receive the call from HR the first of next week offering it to me. I cannot believe that God would bring me into the President's office and then allow the job to slip away. Unless, of course, it was for training purposes, which the Lord often does do -- but He knows my need so well, and He knows how much I am depending on Him for a job. No, I think the job is mine, and I think it is just a formality. May God be Praised today for this provision! Thank you, Jesus!

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