October 24, 2010

My Style

I am in the process of choosing a personal decorating style. I have been "country" forever, though I am not sure why I actually chose that style originally. I think it was "in" at the time, and it was what my MIL had, and her home was very "put together." I have always favored antiques, and if I could do it again, I would have styled my home more traditional than country.

Now that I am getting ready to work full-time, and I will have some savings to put towards new furniture, I am considering a style that is reflective of ME. My tastes do run the gamut -- from shabby cottage chic to very traditional/victorian. I tend to favor the following design elements:
  • Clean lines and good form
  • Dark hardwoods such as cherry or mahagony
  • Leather with wood accent or nail head trim
  • Oriental rugs
  • Hardwoods on floors (though carpet in the bedroom)
  • Browns, beiges, dusty blues, golds, deep reds, and true greens

I want comfort, but I want good looking comfort. I also like lighting that is soft and very cozy. I don't live in bright rooms. I like darker colors, muted tones, and very soft light.

I have considered my style, and I have tried to figure it out for nearly a quarter-century. I currently live with mismatched styles of old hand me downs. I have little that actually works, and most of it, I don't really like. For example, I have a cheap plywood TV stand (it works) that is very country. I have checkered window coverings that are very country too. I have a kitchen set that is painted green. Do you get the theme here? I got all this from family who out grew their country decor and gave it to me.

I am ready for a grown-up style, a look that says "This is what Carol is like; This is what she thinks of herself." I am not about making a big show or anything like that, and I am not out to impress anyone. No, I just want people to come into my home and see the real me -- not the me that was created by other people's vision of what I should or should not be. I am not that person -- I never was that person, and I am tired of masquerading as that person.

Masks off -- this is me, and I am very happy to be the way I am.

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