October 1, 2010

Planning for Tomorrow

I am in the midst of finalizing some plans for my future career as a teacher. I am just starting my MA program, so that part of the plan is already underway. However, I am looking at various graduate programs for my PhD, and trying to decide which path to follow: Rhetoric (writing) or Medieval Literary Studies. I will be ready to pursue both courses once I finish my classes at Mercy College. The primary difference is career opportunities ONCE I graduate. Right now, writing is a hot field, and a Rhetoric degree probably would open more doors to me. Literary Studies would be more of an interest, but there are less opportunities to find work in this field.

I have decided that University of Texas has the best program for either degree. This means that once I finish at Mercy, I would apply to UT to take 18 more units toward my PhD and then write a disseration. The advantage to UT is that they offer teacher training, and help with placement. Their program is also highly regarded and I would have excellent credentials for seeing out faculty positions.

Really it comes down to this: do I want to be the only student pursuing classical Rhetoric in a department full of doctoral fellows who are interested in New Media? I don't know, perhaps I am thinking that it is vital to study with other people, when I should be thinking that it is far better to be unique at this point of my study? I think this is probably the case as I tend to focus on being singled out a lot.

I do enjoy Medieval Literature, but I really want to write and while I would do both, I wonder how much I can write about M.L. at this point (I mean, after so many centuries?)


Well, this one thing I know -- UT would be an excellent choice for me for my capstone degree. Now the key is getting accepted and then being able to move there for the 2 years it would require to finish out my graduate school.

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