October 8, 2010

Plans, Redirection and More

Ok, so what I am I to do now? I may have a second and final interview with Phoenix College. I received a call today to verify my references, and from what I understand, that has been done. I gave three references, and two were called today. Possibly the third tomorrow or at another time. If I check out, then I will be getting a second interview with the President of the college. WOW -- what does this mean for me?

This job is full-time, but only a one year contract. It might bring me another position, or it might just work for until the Lord opens up a door in Texas. I am stumped, but I know this -- whatever He wills, will come to pass. I am estatic about the opportunity, and I am in awe of how God works in my life. I think I have Him all figured out, and then wham! something happens and I have to rethink everything. He tells me what to do, and I do it. He guides me and I go where He leads. Sometimes, most of the time, I think it is THE WAY -- you know -- like black and white. I have learned that NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS WHEN IT COMES TO GOD. I mean, He finishes what He starts -- that is for certain -- it is just that He doesn't always follow a hard path. He weaves and bobs around, and uses whatever opportunities and tools and resources are available to Him (and isn't that everything? Really, I mean -- He is God after all.) But you know what I am saying here -- He uses what is realistic and hardscaped -- the nuts and bolts of our lives to accomplish His will. He doesn't always perform miracles and shift the sea out of our way. Sometimes, He justs plops us down on a very fine boat (ship) or sometimes He gives us a rowboat and a paddle. Either way, He uses what is there at hand, and He helps us to adapt -- that way -- we stay on track and continue to move towards the fulfillment of His will. I have learned, and I say it again -- THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS THEY SEEM WHEN IT COMES TO GOD.

He IS after all -- God. He is God Alone and I am in awe of Him.

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