October 3, 2010

Securing the Future

Today, our church service was great. We are discussing Love 360: Loving God, Loving Ourselves, and Loving Others. The message revolves around the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15). Today's message was the last of this mini-series -- Loving Others Compassionately.

Our Pastor is great, very humble and oh-so real. He says it just like it is, and I like that about him. There is no pretense, no falsehood, no hiding behind masks. All our staff is this way, very real and very honest about what they are in Christ and what they are not in themselves. I like it because I can be myself too. I can go to church as I am, and take whatever the Holy Spirit of God has for me, and then come home and live the life I am called to live. I don't have to keep up a front, to be someone I am not, and do things just because "it is supposed to be this or that way." In fact, this is the first year I am not directly involved in ministry. I have taught Sunday School or worked with children for almost 30 years -- almost every single year of my adult life. This year (and most of last) I took a break. Actually, God had called me to rest from ministry, and I never understood why -- that is -- until my life came to a crashing halt last fall. Then I knew what He wanted em to do, and I needed to step back and let go of ministry while He worked in and through my life.

Now I am on the other side of that great chasm, and I am starting to get my feet set for this new adventure God has in mind for me. I am presently resting in Him, waiting for Him to move -- but something is happening and I think He is moving all around me. I can sense it, I can feel it, and now I can start to see it happen.

Change and I don't mix well, so I should be freaking out about this moving bit--but I am not. In fact, I am calm as a clam, and I am content to just wait this one out. I am not stressed either. I am more of just in a waiting and watching mode, keeping my eyes open and looking for His Hand. I see the waves moving around me, but I cannot see the thing that is coming into focus. It is like a Phoenix rising up from the ashes. I can see the swelling of the smoke, and I can tell that something is coming up, but I just cannot see it yet. Yet.

God has called me to live a certain way, and to do that means that I must live a life completely surrendered to His will. It has taken me months to learn how to live this way, to learn how to let Him do what He needs to do, and to stay out of His way. It took time to develop trust -- me being able to trust Him -- to believe Him and to rely on what He says to me. It also took time for me to let go of ME -- you know -- that ugly ME MONSTER that just wants everything to be about ME! That ugly dragon needed to be vanquish and it took a lot longer than it should have to do it. But it is done, the monster is gone, and now I am left and living in perfect harmony with the Holy Spirit of God -- trusting and relying on Him for everything.

As God moves me, He also moves those who are around me. Consider a ship at sea and how the water must be displaced to allow the ship to move through the waves. The water doesn't go under the boat; no, it is moved to the side of the boat, thus allowing the boat to plow through and maintain it's energy (force). This is what God does in our lives too. He moves the water that is all around us, so that our force (energy) can propel us forward. Sometimes the water (figuratively) is people; and sometimes, the water is things (houses, cars, jobs or even places.) God has to move many objects out of our way so that He can move us forward in His will. As we move, those things are displaced (pushed aside). We move forward and as we do, new things appear in place of the old ones. Our forward momentum is directly supported by God's movement in our life -- but we can hinder His movement by an unwilling heart and mind. Our attitude is key to our success -- we must be willing and agreeable to His movement. If we are, then we are like that ship gliding effortlessly upon the water. If not, then it is like a boat stuck with anchor down deep in the mud. The water just pounds around us, and after a time, wears hard on our surface. We become disoriented, fatiqued, and eventually unfit for sailing or any use.

Today, I am moving on the water of God's work. He is moving things away from me so that I can be propelled forward into His Glorious plan for my life. I am watching from the deck, looking to see what will be on the horizon. All I see is smooth sailing ahead of me, and all I can anticipate is a beautiful glowing sunset as God does what He does best -- make magic happen (in the sense of miracles!)

Dear Lord,

I am eager with anticipation as you move in my life. I don't know what will be, but I can see that something is happening all around me. Have your way today, and bring whatever you desire to pass this week. I am happy to be a part of your great plan, and I know that you have everything set for my Good. May God be blessed forever more. Amen, so be it, thy will be done!

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