October 19, 2010

Thanking God

Well, today I finished up my financial aid paperwork and I am finally set for school. I had received my notice this summer, and then tried to sign all the papers right away. I guess now that everything is done online, I jumped the gun. Mercy College has been sending me invoices, and every time I got one, I just winced. I have no way of paying for my classes (now in their 6-7 week). Thankfully, on Saturday, I got a follow letter from financial aid telling me that all I needed to do was sign the promissory note. Hooray! PTL! I took care of this today, and I am now ready to finish my graduate program. My loans will be low-interest and give me 10 years to repay them once I graduate. They will also be low monthly payments, so I should have no problem repaying these loans. I am blessed!

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