November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Another year has gone by, and it is hard to believe that there are only 30 days until Christmas! I cannot believe that this year is almost over. It has been a year of great blessing, and outpouring of God's Holy Spirit, and I have changed dramatically over these past several months. I wanted to wish everyone a blessed day, but also thought I would share some of my reasons to be thankful (or why I am thankful to God) today as well (always good to remind oneself of God's Marvelous Goodness).

As I look forward to the close of the year, I am reminded of how much my God loves me. I am reminded that He has befriended me, saved me, sanctified me, and making me ready for future glorification. I have been personally changed through the indwelling of His Precious Spirit, and I have come to know God as my first love, my friend, and my soul's companion. I am deeply devoted to Him, and I am endeavoring to do everything for His Name and His Glory. God has been so good to me, and I am blessed, truly blessed.

Although my life is not what I had hoped it would be on the outside (with my marriage, ongoing family struggles, being out of work, etc.); it is gloriously full and complete on the inside. I am at peace, and I have that inexpressible joy the Scriptures promise us. I am complete and whole, wholly devoted to God and to doing His Will above all else, and to seeking His Kingdom first (in all things). God is first mover in my life, and every cause thereafter is a direct result of His action. I do what He asks, what He says, and I am satisfied. I am joyous, I am hopeful, and I am content.

I thank God for the following blessings this year:
  • I thank Him for His presence in my life, for without it, I would be utterly lost.
  • I thank Him for His love which knows no bounds, and for which I am indebted for my eternal destination.
  • I thank Him for His provision, and for His protection, for without either, I would be filled with despair and gripped by fear.
  • I thank Him for His willingness to forgive me time and time again, for without His forgiveness, I would have no daily communion, no meditation, and no relationship with Him.
  • I thank Him for the many blessings He has showered upon me. Of these, I am particularly thankful:

    1. *My graduate school -- my program at Mercy College -- and for His provision of financial aid so I could attend there without fear or worry of cost.
        *My job at Macy's -- part time and very difficult at times -- yet completely provisional in the money it does generate (food, gas, miscellaneous expenses).
        *My Uncle's willingness to support me this past year (a small but desparately needed and completely undeserved gift of His Grace).
        *My son's willingness to be flexible in the face of great adversity and sorrow.
        *My counselors and friends who have been my champion and helped me see God's Hand in everything.
        *My family (my parents for their support) who have helped in so many ways that I can truly not even begin to estimate.
        *My church family who have been friend to my son, provided counsel to me, and who have given Grace to us during this past year.
        *Lastly, my online community of friends who have supported me, encouraged me, and given me advice when needed.
        Therefore, as I prepare to spend this holiday with my own family, I am filled with awe in the One who has seen to all these blessings this year. Despite not finding full-time work, and having to depend on friends and family, God has continued to provide for me each week and month. Although, I still am living in uncertainty as to my eventual lifestyle (single), I am content to remain where I am until the Lord directs otherwise. And, even though I don't know what tomorrow will bring to me, I am confident of this: My God is Good and His Goodness Reigns every day and in every way throughout our Universe. God is Good all the time, and we are blessed because of His Infinite Goodness.

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