November 30, 2010

Holiday Lights

My son and I put up our holiday lights today. We hung big lights (c7 bulbs) along with icicles. It looks really nice. I have little multi-colored lights on my porch posts, and some colored lights on my bushes. I still need to do the windows and the cactus and palm -- but perhaps tomorrow as I am bushed tonight and I want to catch NCIS.

My cello lesson went really really well. I don't know what is going on, but I think I have finally passed a milestone or something. I can actually play the cello well. My teacher said it is impossible, and that she has never had an adult student stick with an instrument the way I have stuck to the cello. I love it -- I just love the cello, and I want to play it well. I was getting really depressed there for a while, and then boom, the logjam cleared and I started to improve. God is so very good to me.

I am back from taking my son to church (for Worship practice), and I am getting ready to tackle some school work. I need to write a short abstract for my final paper, and I still am not sure what I am going to write on. LOL! The good news is that I am so confident that I will do well, that I am not worried about it. God is so good to me.

I made dinner for my FIL tonight. I think he was surprized to come to my house, but my DH called and asked if we could eat together so he wouldn't have to fix something for his dad. I said OK, and made speghetti. It was good, and now Dad is watching "Hannity" on Fox, and I am blogging. I don't really care what my MIL has to say about it -- I am willing to help my FIL because he needs help (he is disabled). God knows what I am doing is right, and therefore, He is pleased with my attitude and action (of that I am certain).

Now -- I have to get going, but I am so tired. My eyes are not wanting to cooperate so I might have to go and close them for a short while. My son will be home from practice about 8:30 -- and I will have to go pick him up. It will be nice when he can drive himself (hmm....maybe before he turns 30? eh?)

Other than the little news I have to share, not much is going on. I am working on my papers this week, decorating my house, practicing cello, and generally, trying to relax. I got my letter from Phoenix College yesterday, and I was a bit depressed over it. I have since let that go, and realize now that the job wasn't it. God has a job in mind for me, and I have to wait for Him to provide it. I know He can, I know He will -- it is just in His time. God is good all the time.

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